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Tribunal Acquits Justice Ojwang Over Misconduct

Tribunal Acquits Justice Ojwang Over Misconduct

A tribunal formed to investigate alleged misconduct on Supreme Court Judge, Jackton Ojwang, has cleared him of any wrongdoing, saying the evidence against Ojwang did not meet the threshold to warrant his removal from the office.

The tribunal was investigating the Supreme court judge over alleged misconduct and incompetence in a case involving Migori Governor Okoth Obado, in a petition filed by one Nelson Oduor and eight others.

The petitioners alleged that Justice Ojwang had a close relationship with governor Obadon and benefited through the construction of a road leading to his rural house in Migori County after issuing a favorable ruling in a Sony Sugar belt case that the governor allegedly had an interest in.

The tribunal chaired by Justice Visram said they had visited the county and found that the road in question was a public road.

“Our unanimous recommendation, therefore, is that Hon Justice (prof?) Jackton Ojwang, ought not to be removed from office and the current suspension should be lifted,” the tribunal said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta suspended Justice Ojwang in March this year on  Judicial Service Commission (JSC) recommendation.


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