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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has maintained that teachers must sign performance contracts arguing that as an employer, it’s mandated to monitor the conduct and performance of its employees. ”

TSC, Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Njeri Macharia has however said that the document is not aimed at punishing teachers.

“It’s nothing punitive; it’s for the welfare of the teacher. It’s consistent, fair and objective as it’s a living document,” said.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), has been opposing the new directive, which requires head teachers and teachers to sign performance contract starting this month, and has continued to direct its members not to give in to TSC demands.

According to KNUT, he said that the new contracts are being used to oppress teachers and are in “total disregard of all laid down procedures and in blatant defiance of the laws provided for under Chapter 10 of the Constitution and Section 13 of the Teachers Service Commission Act”.

“What is being introduced fundamentally alters the negotiated and agreed terms and conditions of service under which the teachers were first employed,” KNUT said in a statement.

TSC announced plans to have teachers sign performance contracts last year in December as “a quality and efficiency monitoring plan, through a circular that was sent to all heads of learning institutions.

The performance contracts will among other things look at; teacher preparedness, schemes of work, knowledge, mastery of content, time, management, creativity and innovation.

Several teachers have already signed the contracts. So far, at least 250 head teachers have signed performance contracts in Murang’a North.


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