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Kenyans have taken to social media to condemn president Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing former vice president  Moody Awori among a seven-member oversight board to manage the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund.

Moody’s appointment was revealed on a Gazette report by Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich on Tuesday. Uncle Moody as he is popularly known, will together with his new colleagues be tasked with preparing and submitting quarterly reports as well as developing infrastructure and facilitating Team Kenya for their national assignment among other roles.

Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) protested the appointment under the hashtag #MoodyAwori and appealed to hi to reject the appointment.

Below are some of the reactions.
Nelson Havi‏: Uncle Moody Awori should decline that appointment and recommend that any of his able grandchildren be considered instead.

PERATO_N SENIOR‏: President Uhuru Kenyatta during the campaign.” I will create 1 million jobs for the youths every year”. Two years later. Moody Awori – 91-year-old Francis Muthaura – 75 Chris Obure – 75 Matu Wamae – 79 Beth Mugo – 79 Musikari Kombo – 74 David Musila – 75 Marsden Madoka – 75

kkoros™@jkkoros If it was just a must that a 91-year-old Moody Awori is appointed by the government into some board, then NSSF board would have been a better place to be. But appointing him to Youths and Sports board is I direct insult to the jobless youths of this country.

D I K E M B E‏: Now that appointment of Moody Awori to some nondescript board is such a big issue; how about we revisit the appointment of Francis Muthaura to CHAIR the KRA board? Once again, let’s drop the hypocrisy. 

Donald B Kipkorir‏: Wikipedia says Moody Awori was born on December 5, 1928, making him 90 today …. Uncle Moody joined Mang’u High School in 1935. At merely 7 Years? …… Anyway, Uncle Moody should reject with contempt his appointment to the Sports Fund Board.

Lord Abraham Mutai: Moody Awori is 91years old. He is making a comeback to public service as a board member while his 94year old counterpart in Kabarak is enjoying his retirement and pension with peace. Something is fundamentally wrong in this country. Who really advisesleaders in this country?


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