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Kenyans On Twitter, KOT, as popularly referred to have taken to social media to demand for public leaders to account for their wealth.

Under the hashtag; #WeKnowYourSalary, a social media lifestyle audit initiated by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, KOT has maintained that salaries of civil servants are in the public domain and thus the leaders, politicians especially should come out and state what they own and how they have accumulated the wealth they have.

KOT has also embarked on a Name and Shame mission, where they reveal property owned by some of the politicians in an effort to say; “you can run but you cant hide”.

The #WeKnowYourSalary hashtag comes after president Uhuru’s directive that all public officers should take a lifestyle audit.

Uhuru’s directive is aimed at curbing the wanton corruption that has tainted his legacy, with scandals such as NYS season 2, Afya House, Ruaraka land among others.

Below are some of the tweets made under the hashtag #WeKnowYourSalary.

Cyprian Nyakundi‏: The 190M house former Kenya Power MD Ben Chumo built with Looted money from Kenyans tokens, tenders etc. He went to KPLC a poor man, got out a billionaire . If we don’t sort out past Kenya power Impunity and punish past offenders, we can’t solve future impunity #WeKnowYourSalary .

Boniface Mwangi: Thank you to every brave Kenyan tweeting using hashtag #WeKnowYourSalary and exposing corruption. Your COURAGE gives me hope that our generation shall liberate Kenya from thuggish leadership. #TeamCOURAGE.

Cyprian Nyakundi: This is what @EACCKenya CEO Halake waqo is building in Isiolo town on a government Land. Built in less than 5 months. Waqo always receives bribes to clear the corrupt and stall cases like the recent case where Githu Muiga and Monica Juma statements vanished #WeKnowYourSalary

Kevin Muchiri‏: Head of fingerprints at @DCI_Kenya Called -Patrick Mutua Ndunda. salary barely 150,000. So will the same DCI fight corruption #WeKnowYourSalary Mr Mutua!

DennisM‏: Murkomen says salary cant make one rich; loans will! What finances those loans, SALARY! He was a lecturer the other day, meaning his 180k cant secure him a loan of 200m! Let him tell us how they manage to build malls, buy plots in Karen, buy choppers etc #WeKnowYourSalary


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