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US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec among other western diplomats that issued warning on corrupt officials

Envoys of key western nations have jointly voiced their concerns over the run way corruption being witnessed under the Jubilee government, which they say is curtailing economic growth and security.

The 11 diplomats led by US and Britain, visited the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) yesterday for a closed-door meeting with EACC officials, maintained that their nations were prepared to impose travel restrictions on incriminated officials and also freeze foreign accounts that suspects may have opened abroad.

“We are prepared to take further steps to support the Kenyan authorities, including, when permitted by law, the return of stolen assets to the Kenyan people or impose travel restrictions on those responsible for graft,” said a joint statement read by United States Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec.

The ambassadors included Christian Turner (UK), Jamie Christoff (Canada), Tarja Fernández (Finland), Remi Marechaux (France), Jutta Frasch (Germany), Mikio Mori (Japan), Marielle Geraedts (Netherlands), Victor Rønneberg (Norway), Johan Borgstam (Sweden) and Ralf Heckner (Switzerland).

The envoys also asked the Government to take further steps in empowering the anti-graft body with the tools and resources needed to counter the scourge of corruption in a credible, effective and sustained manner

Currently the commission has no commissioners after three were kicked out of office.

The US has in the past imposed travel bans on a number of key politicians especially in the wake of post-election violence.


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