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Kenyans were recently named second, among the happiest people in Africa after Rwanda, by a new study. Worldwide, the country ranks 33 out of 143 countries on the Gullup Happiness Index 2014.

For a country where the popular slogan ‘’Navumilia kuwa mkenya”/am just persevering to be Kenyan is common, owing  to the rather tough cost of living and other issues affecting us, one might just wonder what really makes us happy.

Well, this article seeks to explore the things that provide Kenyans with an oasis of comfort and according to the views of some young Kenyans; the following play a key role in giving them happiness.


Despite the rising cases of insecurity in the country, Kenya is naturally a peaceful country compared to neighboring countries like Sudan, which was even ranked in the same study as theunhappiest country in the world.

Living in a peaceful country, free from war, goes a long way in providing Kenyans with something to be proud about.


Kenya has 42 tribes and even though tribalism is widespread, we still celebrate each other’s cultures. The cultural theme nights namely; Kamba, Luo, Luhya and Mugithi nights, which are held in the country to celebrate the cultures of respective tribes, can actually illustrate this. There are dozens of Kikuyu’s and Luhyas for instance, who will flock to a Luo cultural event and vice versa, just to share in the fun.

Again there are some character traits, which are only distinctiveto people from certain tribes and these have provided Kenyans with something to tease each other about. If you are quite observant, you will notice, if you haven’t already, that tribal jokes are the most popular in the comedy industry.

Luhya’s for instance are always being teased about their rather humongous appetite and the comical relief brought about when Luo’s are mocked about their extravagance and pompous lifestyles is overly hilarious.


Kenyans have proven over time that regardless of their strained pockets, giving for a worthy cause indeed gives them satisfaction. This can be witnessed in the popular social causes like the Kenyans For Kenyans Initiative, the Matter Heart Runand the First Lady’s Marathon, where Kenyans come together regardless of their tribal or political affiliations to run for a worthy cause.


That Kenyans are tech savvy is without a doubt and technology has made life interestingto Kenyans. Social Media sites in particular have provided avenues to air out grievances, share ideas and simply interact and unlike in the past for instance where Kenyans using public transport to commute to work would spend most of the journey dozing off in traffic, nowadays people are always engaged on phones and it’s easy to notice faces beaming with smiles mostly out of an interesting chat they are having or a funny joke they have come across.


Kenyans love to party and a recent poll actually revealed that we have overtaken Uganda in this. Social events, which have become so popular ranging from the popular Blankets and Wine,the KCB Safari Rally, tothe Rugby events notably the Kabeberi Sevens, Masaku Sevens and Prinsloo Sevens, which have somewhat become national events, usually offer Kenyans with avenues to unwind, party and socialize and with the last two being held in different towns away from the city, the idea of having a road trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city is always thrilling.

Lastly, Kenyans tend to have this comical approach to issues and it sort of helps in diminishing stress.


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