May 17, 2018


Miguna has been Sonko’s biggest critic right from the run up to the 2017 general election, where he repeatedly said that “Nairobi cannot be run by a thug”

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Will Miguna Miguna Board The Nairobi Deputy Governor Ship?

Will Miguna Miguna Board The Nairobi Deputy Governor Ship?

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has pulled a fast one on Kenyans by nominating his political opponent and biggest critic Miguna Miguna as his deputy, interestingly just the same day the self-acclaimed General postponed his scheduled return to Nairobi, allegedly due to the government’s failure to issue him with a Kenyan passport.

In a letter addressed to the county assembly speaker, declaring his choice of nominee, Sonko observes that Miguna Miguna meets all the requirements for the deputy governor position as required by the constitution, ironically even as the immigration department continues to maintain that Miguna has to regularise his Kenyan citizenship, a key requirement to run for any elective position in the country.

“The nominee meets all the requirements provided for in the Constitution, the Leadership and Integrity Act, the Elections Act and County Government Act,” the letter reads.


Political analysts are interpreting Sonko’s move to apoint Miguna as deputy governor as a protest to State House, which has allegedly been frustrating the governor by meddling in the operations of the county.

Over the weekend, Sonko was forced to grab a mic from deputy president William Ruto, in a function attended by president Uhuru and the first lady, following a protocol breach that was purported to deny the governor an opportunity to speak at the event.

“This habits of disregarding me has to stop. am the duly elected Governor of Nairobi, and the programme is clear that i will speak then invite the deputy president, so kindly accord me the respect i deserve,”  Sonko said.

Jubilee’s Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja has already taken to twitter and publicly declared that Miguna can never be the deputy governor Nairobi county.

Miguna will not become the Deputy Governor of Nairobi. Take that to the bank,” reads the tweet by Sakaja.


Miguna Miguna was to return to Nairobi on Wednesday but called off the trip, citing the government’s failure to issue him with a Kenyan passport as ruled by high Court Judge George Odunga.

Miguna has been Sonko’s biggest critic right from the run up to the 2017 general election, where he repeatedly said that “Nairobi cannot be run by a thug”. He has not tried, typical of Miguna, to hide his disregard for Sonko especially owing to what he terms as an “academic dwarf” and the idea of the the working together is rather unnerving.

“Sonko is an illiterate buffoon, and an incorrigible drug peddler. I cannot work for Sonko, never,” said Miguna in 2017 in response to Sonko’s remarks that if he won he would appoint him in his government.

If Miguna Miguna accepts the position, considering his mishandling by the state, that saw him even deported, he will be out to proof a point, settle scores and in his words; “fight the despots”. This is politics though and as the good old saying goes; there are no permanent enemies in politics.

He will be the same Miguna of the famous title; Peeling Back the Mask, where he “deconstructed” Odinga and even mentioned that he would never work with him again since he is corrupt, only for the tables to turn around and Miguna would actually be THE MAN that would oversee the controversial swearing in of Odinga following the disputed 2017 presidential elections.

The Nairobi County deputy governor position has been vacant from February following the resignation of Polycarp Igathe, who has been picked by Equity Bank as the Chief Commercial Officer.


All eyes are on Miguna Miguna now with everyone waiting to see if he will accept the position even though majority of Kenyans are betting that he will turn down the position but in the vent that he takes the job, the Nairobi county assembly will have to approve his appointment.

According to the County Government Act, the county’s appointing authority is upon receiving a nominee for appointment required to issue a notice notifying the members of the public on the proposed nomination through relevant media and platforms.

The candidate will then be subjected to a public approval hearing, which will focus on his/her academic credentials, professional training and experience, personal integrity and background. the committee will sebsequtly  upon  considering the nomination, table its report in the County Assembly for debate and decision within twenty-one sitting days.

“The issues for consideration by the relevant County Assembly in relation to any nomination shall be—

  • the procedure used to arrive at the nominee including the criteria for the short listing of the nominees;
  • any constitutional or statutory requirements relating to the office in question;and
  • the suitability of the nominee for the appointment proposed having regard to whether the nominee’s credentials, abilities, experience and qualities meet the needs of the body to which the nomination is being made,” section 8 of the County Government Act states.


Felix M. Mucioka‏: Raila’s handshake with Uhuru was just a Europa Cup. Miguna Miguna’s handshake with Mike Sonko is Eufa championship league itself. Real deal

Nelson Havi‏: Congratulations Miguna Miguna for the deserved nomination as Deputy Governor of Nairobi County. The cartels are now in deep shit.

DonaldBKipkorir:  In appointing Miguna Miguna as his Deputy, Gov. Mike Sonko is trodding on History. Abraham Lincoln, America’s greatest President appointed his bitterest rivals to his Cabinet .. Prof. Doris Kearns Goodwin captured it in her book Team Of Rivals .. Sonko – Miguna may save Nairobi.

Gabriel Oguda‏: Nairobi people on social media are an interesting cohort. You declined to vote for Miguna Miguna just 7 months ago, but now you laud his appointment as Deputy Governor as a genius move? What do people smoke in this country?

Jesse Omolo:Sonko’s “kind gesture” towards Miguna Miguna might just be the real handshake..

Brian Khaniri‏: Did sonko think this through, Miguna Miguna is the kind of a person who can fire his boss.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi‏:  Imagine living in Nairobi with a population of 5 million Kenyans and you have Sonko as Governor and Miguna as Deputy Governor…some jokes are not just in bad taste but are cruel too.


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