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The internet broke yesterday when news that Hollywood’s A _list actors Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie are divorcing.

At first details were scanty on the reasons for the divorce with some blogs citing that Anjelina Jolie was “not happy with Brad’s parenting style” but later on it was alleged that the Jolie filed for divorce on grounds of cheating on Brad’s part.

The two met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005 but Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina had just divorced ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

Jolie would announce their union in 2006, after revealing to People Magazine during an interview that she was pregnant with Brad’s child. Brad and Jolie went ahead to get married in an official ceremony in 2014 and for a long time, they have been perceived as the “IT” couple.

Fans across the globe took to Twitter under hashtags #Brangelina #Brad #BrangelinaBreakup to convey their views on the divorce with critics saying that karma had finally caught up with the two, since Brad’s involvement with Jolie is perceived as the reason his marriage to Jennifer failed.

Nazia MemonSaddened to hear about #brangelinabreakup it’s always easy to gossip on breakups but not to feel that pain.

Dead boyfriend #brangelina was the last straw. Love is cancelled; as a matter of fact 2016 is cancelled. Wake me up when it’s January 1st, 2017.

Angelina Jolie News™ ‏:   If #AngelinaJolie and #BradPitt can’t make it, all hope is lost.. I’m not getting married, marriages destroys everything.

Joshua Brendon :  “If he left his previous marriage for you, chances are he’ll leave your marriage too.” 

Alyssa Moss :   Let the #BrangelinaBreakup tell you ladies something. Man stealers never actually get to keep the man. Team Aniston forever

Eva Amurri MartinoVerified account:  To everyone commenting on the #brangelinabreakup just remember they have 6 kids, most of which r old enough to search the Internet. #BeKind


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