September 29, 2022


Episode 3 (of 6): Molasses – ‘Prepare your defence’.

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Episode 3: Who Murdered Dr Robert Ouko? Molasses – ‘Prepare Your Defence’

Who murdered Dr Robert Ouko?

The ground breaking documentary into the murder of Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in February 1990: ‘Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why? Episode 3 (of 6): Molasses – ‘Prepare your defence’.

‘The Kisumu Molasses theory was based on unsupported and conflicting testimony. It came from a convicted extortionist and has willing accomplice – Domenico Airaghi and Marianne Briner-Mattern.

Their “reputable” company did not exist.

They had lied to the Kenya government; they had lied to Dr Ouko; and they had lied to to the Scotland Yard detective John Troon.’


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