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In an effort to reach out to the youth and bring them closer to God, entertainers in the gospel industry have come up with creative ways to achieve their purpose. Last year gospel jam sessions were introduced in Nairobi and in subsequently Mombasa. Not a bad idea but on some occasions, judging from the entrance fees charged which normally start at Sh200 at the least, it raises the question whether this is ministry or business? Bear in mind also that these are weekly events.


Perhaps that is something that the organizers of ‘Cross Konnect’ have taken into consideration as they prepare to mark the event’s one year anniversary this Sunday, by setting the entrance fee at Sh150 which is redeemable for a soda. A soda at the spacious Timers restaurant is Sh100 so this makes sense.

Cross Konnect, which is organized by System Unit and On Time Garage, has been behind the popular dance edition, Christmas special edition and most recently the lovers edition concerts.


Emerald Events Management has introduced another first in the gospel industry by organizing a Gospel Karaoke Night. The monthly event takes place every first Saturday of the month.

The event’s main objectives are to attract the youths from night clubs into family friendly and fun events; offer variety in the Christian entertainment scene; encourage deeper understanding of the messages behind popular Christian songs; and market artists and their brands.

According to the organizers, each event night will focus on different themes e.g. a particular artist or a music genre. The audiences will be given the opportunity to select a song from the collection and attempt to sing along. The themed artist will be the judge and will also give the closing performance and there’s also a prize for the best rendition.


The first event however will be a Gospel Band Karaoke and the Adawnage Band, which scooped the 2012 Groove Awards Gospel Group of the year, will be the first to be featured. The event kicks off on 2nd March from 7PM at Timers Restaurant.

Times have changed and the church has also scaled new heights in order to keep up with them. Most weekend nights in Nairobi are characterized by skimpily dressed young lads partying the night away so having another section of the same population dancing and singing in praise is definitely a great idea that might go a long way in saving the Y generation.


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