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The country’s film industry has received a major boost following a partnership with the Kenya Film Commission (KFC) and the French Embassy, which will see the Kalasha Awards, revamped into an international film & TV festival & market.

The new initiative is aimed at positioning the country as the key hub in stimulating intra-trade & worldwide activities in the film and TV fields in East Africa and is expected to bring together for the first time all players from E.A under one roof.

“Kenya has alot to offer especially with the Digital broadcasting coming up and the French Embassy is ready to partner with us and be deeply involved in this growth, “said Juliette Vision, Regional Audiovisual Attache’ for E.A.

Previously KFC only had the Kalasha Awards, which sought to recognize the best of in TV & film. However now under the new brand, Kalasha International, the new outfit will incorporate three major outfits;

1.The Kalasha Eastern Africa Film & TV trade show; this will be a two day activity that will showcase E. A Companies under national pavilions. Participants will include players from Ethiopia, Mauritius, Madagascar among others.
2.The Kalasha International Film Festival;this will be a week long event that will take place across the major counties.
3.The Kalasha Film & TV Awards ceremony

“The film market will provide a business opportunity for players and we are optimistic that this is the next industry that will provide jobs for the youth of this country, “said KFC CEO Liz Chongoti,while at a breakfast press briefing yesterday.


KFC also announced call for entries for the 2015 Kalasha Awards and also unveiled the seven member nomination Academy.

The Kalasha International Film Festival is scheduled to run from 26th-30th October in Nairobi.


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