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Local Creatives are criticizing a bill board in which popular comedian Jalang’o appears in an effort to advertise a brand of rice.

In the billboard, which is meant to advertise the Falcon Basmati rice, a photo of Jalang’o in a bright green suit and his trademark animal print shirt takes prominence and a fading bag of the rice is casually placed at the bottom of the advert, in what a creative would refer to as an afterthought.

According to views shared on their Facebook page; the art directors and copywriters club in Kenya the advert lacks creativity and splashing the comedian on the billboard “just like that” was “poorly executed”.

Joseey Kyarrieh I guess the designer was supposed to put the pack on Jalang’os hands but….smile emoticon gasp emoticon, Not bad though.

Wyclef Móqayah A pic of Jalas and family enjoying the “Falcon” rice could’ve worked instead.

Malaki Zen This man was probably photoshopped out of a Safaricom ad. There should be a phone right above his hands.. He doesn’t know where the rice is, or.. There is no rice.

Iganza Mudacci i saw that and asked myself the same question! honestly speaking he is not adding any value to that brand no offense.

Aluko Leonard Jalang’o and co have made a career out of laughing loud at not so funny jokes. Their selling point is simplicity at the cost of stupidity. And the Kenyan market has approved them. So who are you?

Maureen Okore It’s called brand ambassadorship for the masses. I am not surprised, nor opposed to his presence here. The execution is wanting though.

Kreative Kip It’s not about the ninja getting paid, it’s about the quality/standards of design. A designer with a conscious and who values design sees this as crap but the money-minded designer (like the one who did this) doesn’t give a shit about nothing as long as he also gets paid. I’m one person who feels bad when I put out something crappy and get paid for it. I’ve a couple of times went back and revised/redid designs that the client had approved because there’s no way I could live with that.

Kevo Juice the problem is not the man in the ad….the problem is the lack of creativity of the Designer of the Ad. Jalas is a brand in himself…..and you as the designer you have to bring all this elements together…..!!!


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