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Article by Winnie Kabintie


A new poll by Ipsos Synovate, which was commissioned by the Nairobian Newspaper, revealed that infidelity is on the rise in Kenya and the no of married men having an extra marital affair (Mpango Wa Kando) is on the peak. 79% of women said that they have had or are having an affair with a married man.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that top on the list of men who are good at cheating on their spouses are Luo men followed by Kikuyu and Kamba respectively.

Well, just what exactly makes a Luo man, whether he’s just dating or legally married dominate the  infidelity arena? read through;


First things first, Luo men have earned their place as the epitome of romance compared to any other men from other tribes in Kenya. They are somewhat the (Alejandro’s) in our society and any Kenyan woman who has dated one will attest to the fact that a Luo man knows how to treat his woman (women) rather (SIC) right.

Women love to be adored, pampered and cherished and Luo men have a way of making a woman feel like the world revolves around her; they will never shy away from opening doors, pulling a seat and doing all those little things that most men usually ignore yet they mean the world to us.

They know how to pay attention to their women and not forgetting that we love with our ears; A Luo man knows how to shower his woman with praise, words of affirmation and compliments, they literally talk their way into a woman’s hearts.

If you are a fan of the Samantha Bridal show or the Wedding Show am sure you have been awed by unique romantic tales on how a man proposed and you went like; “that is definitely a Luo man”.

Remember the Luo man who hired a limousine sometimes last year just to pick his wife and his newborn baby from Nairobi hospital?


Again, women love to be lavished, and we all know that Luos are generally flamboyant in nature. Unlike his brothers from Mount Kenya whose ideal romantic gateway is a road trip to Olepolos for Nyama Choma if not his local, a Luo man’s ordinary coffee date with his heartthrob will be in Java or Art Caffe on a very ordinary day otherwise places like Sankara and Kempinski are his ideal locations for a special evening with his Jaber (how the Luo man fondly refers to a woman).

A close friend just decided to treat his family to a royal treatment last weekend. He hired a limousine and had the entourage pick him together with his wife and kids at the Sarit Center where they were running errands.

They were taken for a drive in the magnificent superhighway and dropped to Safari Park hotel where the family had lunch before they were chauffeured back home later in the day. The entire arrangement was an absolute surprise and you can imagine how wonderful this woman felt. Well, that’s Luo men for you.


Image is everything for a Luo man and he knows how to pay attention to his personal grooming; right from what he wears on the inside to the outside; from the depths of his car to his bedroom as most Luos tend to be perfectionists, and nothing is as attractive as a clean, well-groomed man.

He will occasionally surprise his woman with shopping sprees as he appreciates elegance and style and his woman has to look good always since he understands that she is a reflection of him.

His woman has to match his class so a Luo man will always elevate his woman in one way or another.

If you don’t drive, he will never let you take a matatu when going to meeting him, its either he’s picking you up or dialing a cab.


It’s therefore not surprising that Luo men are top on the list of infidelity because with this manner of doing things, it makes it hard for a woman to suspect that he is engaging in a clandestine affair as all his mannerisms remain constant.

Unlike most men who will change completely as soon as they are seeing another woman; in terms of  grooming and how they spend their time and treat their main women, a Luo man hardly changes;  It therefore becomes easy for them to operate their affairs smoothly, attract a woman’s attention, lure her and even keep her.


Most Luo men have this natural fetish for “yellow yellow” women, popularly referred to in Luo as Lando, and since most of them are dark and masculine, they meet the ideal “tall, dark and handsome” fantasy for most women. Its highly believed that ”even when a luo man marries a dark-skinned woman, he is likely to cheat with a light skinned one”

Well, after all has been said and done, my conclusion is that when it comes to making a woman happy, it’s basically all about how you make her feel and these little things that Luo men do, have a way of releasing those “feel good hormones” that basically drive a woman head over heels.


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