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Sonko Free Weddings Cars
Nairobi senator Mike Sonko who is well known for his lavish lifestyle and his generosity has decided to extend a bit of his posh necessities to city residents (watu wangu) as he commonly refers to Kenyans.

No sooner had he unveiled his latest ‘toy’, his golden Toyota Land Cruiser V8 that has a customized number plate bearing his name, than he brandished Free Wedding Limousines with a fleet comprising of three H2 Hummers and four Mercedes Benz (New S Class Model) for Nairobi residents who are getting married.

While making the announcement on his Facebook page, the flamboyant senator said that cars are available for free to Nairobi residents and also revealed that he had purchased ambulances, which will provide free Medical Services and free Response to Medical Emergencies.

“The ambulances are managed by Sonko Rescue Team and operate on a 24 hour basis. God forbid but should your loved one pass away, we will help transport their bodies/remains from Nairobi to any part of Kenya free of charge,” he said.

In case of any emergency, residents are advised to call the Numbers; 0788 222 239 or 0718 083 333 for assistance.
Sonko Ambulances


While acknowledging that drunk driving is a problem in the city, the senator has purchased five breakdown trucks and vehicles that will offer free breakdown services to drunk drivers. The break downs, which will be operating on a 24 hour basis will safely tow or carry your car for free to your door step or to the nearest filling station of your choice.

“If you are drunk please DON’T DRIVE, you can contact Sonko Rescue Team on the number; 0789 111 999 and they will come to your aid,” Sonko said.


Well who said patrol cars have to be the traditional ramshackled police cars that are always “out of fuel”, well the senator has purchased four Land Rovers (Discovery) that will carry out Mashinani Security Patrols within Nairobi County in an effort he says is aimed at reducing the levels of crime and insecurity in the county. The Security Patrol Contacts are; 0789111 999 or 0739 111 999.

Sonko Security Cars

In addition to these, the senator has bought small fire engines that can easily access locations that the huge NCC fire engine trucks cannot, two big water tankers that will deliver Free Clean Water to Nairobi residents and two large garbage collection trucks.

“The essence of true leadership is to add value to the lives of those you lead during your period in leadership. I am kicking off this year by focusing more on service delivery to wananchi,”said Sonko.

Nairobi residents are excited about the developments and have lauded the senator for always being a man of the people.


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