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The University of Nairobi student leader Babu Owino is making headlines again after he wrote a letter to the US Ambassador in Kenya, demanding that President Obama should visit intellectuals at the university during his visit in the country.

Babu argued that during his tenure as Illinois senator, Obama visited UON in 2006 where he gave a speech and planted a tree outside the famous Taifa hall.

“It saddens our hearts that President Obama is not scheduled to visit UON during his much anticipated visit to Kenya later this month, ” the letter, which has been trending on social media reads in part.

Babu also further added that  section of UON students have threatened to commit suicide among other theatrics if Obama doesn’t not visit.

“It will be catastrophic and calamitous God forbid. I therefore honourably request your office to suffiently appeal to Obama to visit UON,” said Babu.


As expected the letter went viral on social media and has been the trending topic since yesterday. As soon as a section of KOT took to the hash tag #BabuOwino to condemn him for what they called “seeking cheap publicity” a another section took up the #BabuIsRight in support of Babu’s demand that Obama visits UON.

Below are some of the TWEETS led by senator:

Boni Khalwale: just like any other leader Babu Owino has his space and jurisdiction and in this case he is right. #BabuIsRight

Robert Owino:no one has ever gone against comradeship & Potus will not. HE will visit UON. #BabuIsRight

Hon Steve Mbogo:I still support, Obama should visit intellectuals. #BabuIsRight

Kinyua Alvan:those condemning Babu Owino are not conversant with the art and science of politics. #BabuIsRight


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