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Summer Bunnies: Part Two…

Summer Bunnies: Part Two…

Back in December 2011 we wrote a short article about the holiday season and the returning diaspora, with a reminder to them that one term in the USA does not make them foreigners, and that Africa is still ‘home sweet home’

The article rapidly became our “Muliro Gardens” with over 10% of overnight Google searches specifically honing in on our “Summer Bunnies”- nearly all of the searches came from the USA.

We asked ourselves why?

After fantasizing about being terribly popular, we checked out the analytics…and sure enough, we discover that our friendly, furry, summer bunnies are not only  an R. Kelly song but also a euphemism for  sexy black women….(from the Urban Dictionary)

Summer Bunny:

“A term used for a very attractive and sexy black female. Especially if she has a pretty face, is young, and dresses to accentuate her hot body e.g. small flat waist, plump butt, perky breasts. Summer Bunny is opposite of snow bunny which is a term coined for a similarly sexy white woman.”


Guy 1: Dayum homes, that summer bunny is rockin’ them daisies.

Guy 2: Man you trippin. I tried that last week; she ain’t givin it up!

see also:

Lyrics from R Kelly’s song Summer Bunnies (1994):

“Girl, you know you knock me out

You’re a real girl with your looks now baby

Girl you know you knock me out

Summer bunnies drive me crazy…”

So for all of you searching the ‘real thing’ try this link:

But please come back one day…we are more rabbit than bunny but always here to obligue…


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