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By Winnie Kabintie

I had the privilege of attending a press viewing of Kenya’s new hit and super hero movie, Supa Modo, which is set to premier on 27th March at the Nairobi film festival and I must say our local film industry has come of age!

Supa Modo (Kikuyu dialect), loosely translates to “super person”, is another great masterpiece from the makers of the award winning Nairobi Half Life; One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink and its directed by Likarion Wainana.

Iam a great enthusiast of local films so believe me when I say Likarion’s Supa Modo is unlike any other! The movie succeeds on all levels; it features outstanding acting, right from the main cast to the extras. Surprisingly, the lead actress Stacey had not acted before her role as Jo in Supa Modo yet she pulls out the role like the super hero that she is.

Stacey Waweru (Jo) , Humprey Maina (Pato) and Johnson Chege (Mike) are particularly supa* outstanding and bring out the humuor in the witty script .

Supa Modo also wins with its breathtaking art direction, inventive and unprectictable storyline with a surprising twist that makes the film even more captivating.

One of the areas that has often left me dissatisfied with a good number of local films is in the soundtracks, but Supa Modo features some compelling soundtracks and music that capture your emotions so well that you will find yourself making faces or clinching your fists instinctively.

Supa Modo will have its African premiere at the second edition of the Nairobi film festival next week, where it will be the opening film. The movie will subsequently  open up for screenings at the cinemas. The Kenya Forum will update you on the screening schedule once its out.

Supa Modo, celebrated its world premiere at the Generation Kplus  section of the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival where it was the only African selection. The audience gave the film a standing ovation and it was also honored with a Special Mention for an outstanding achievement.

In a nutshell, Supa Modo is entertaining, engaging and captures’ the cultural concept of the background the story is set.

This is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss, do not wait for awards to start streaming in for you to start paying attention in the typical Kenyan style; RUN to the cinemas!


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