April 19, 2017


15-year-old Kenyan girl wows at Britain’s Got Talent. The Britain-born Kenyan sang a stirring rendition of a Jennifer Hudson song.

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15-year-old Kenyan girl wows at Britain’s Got Talent

15-year-old Kenyan girl wows at Britain’s Got Talent

15-year-old Sarah Ikumu stunned the judges and the audience at the popular reality show Britain’s got talent as she performed Jennifer Hudson’s hit, And I Am Telling You.

As she boldly took to the stage and announced that she was singing the hit, the reactions from a section of the audience was visibly skeptical.

“…And am Telling You is the best song for me because it shows my vocal abilities the best Sarah said.

“One of the biggest songs in the world….and you want to take that on? judge Simon Cowell paused! To which she gave a firm yes!

By the time Sarah was halfway through her performance the audience was already in a frenzy as she finished to a standing ovation from the judges as well.

Judge Simon went ahead to press the golden buzzer and the audience went into a frenzy as Sarah’s family stormed the stage to congratulate her.

“Look Sarah, I have heard this song a lot, and it started off well and I thought this girl is great! And then it’s like you became possessed halfway! It was quite incredible!” Said Simon

It was mind-blowing; I couldn’t believe that you are just 15! Congratulations,” said Judge Amanda Holden.

The Golden Buzzer was introduced during the show’s 9th Season.  Each judge may press it once during each season.  It gives judges the opportunity to send a contestant through to the live semi-finals.

Sarah is born of Kenyan parents.


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