Court Blocks Appointment of Murugi, Galgalo to Land Commission board

Court nullifies Esther Murungi’s appointment

High Court judge, Justice Hellen Wasilwa, has squashed the nomination of former Nyeri Town MP Esther Murugi and former Isiolo Woman Representative Tiyah Galgalo as members to the National Land Commission.

In her ruling, Justice Hellen Wasilwa said the appointment of Murugi and Galgalo was irregular and also stated that the selection panel for the nominees was improperly constituted.

“I find that the nomination and appointment of the 8th and 9th interested parties (Galgalo and Murugi) unconstitutional, null and void, especially when vied against article 232 of the constitution,” Justice Wasilwa said.

Justice Wasilwa ruled that President Uhuru Kenyatta erred in nominating two for vetting, Parliament, for positions they had not applied for at the National Lands Commission (NLC).

Murugi and Galgalo had applied for the position of chairman and had been shortlisted but they ended up being nominated for the post of members.

Activist Okiya Omtatah,  who had filed a  petition in court opposing the appointments, was however not happy with the ruling since it allowed the President to swear in the other nominees namely lawyer Gerishom Otachi, former minister Kazungu Kambi, former Egerton University Vice-Chancellor James Tuitoek, Reginald Okumu, Hubbie Huseein Al-Haji and Alister Murimi Mutugi, even after Lady justice Wasilwa found that selection panel was not legally constituted.


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Uhuru Set to Commission Revamped Kisumu Port

Kisumu Port gets a face lift

President Uhuru Kenyatta is soon set to launch the new revamped Kisumu Port after Transport Principal Secretary Esther Koimett on Wednesday confirmed the completion of the project.

According to the PS, who spoke to journalists during a tour of the facility on Wednesday, the port is now ready for use and will be commissioned by president Kenyatta soon.

“We have toured the port and I can say the renovation works are now complete and a dry run has already been done,” she said.

Esther Koimett was accompanied by four other principal secretaries who are in the steering committee of the  Kisumu Port regeneration. These include; Infrastructure Principal Secretary Paul Maringa, Joseph Njoroge (Energy), John Omenge (Mining) and Dr Gordon Kihalangwa (Public Works).

A Blue Economy conference is set to be hosted in Kisumu on Friday, ahead of the launch, which the PS said will provide a roadmap on the operationalization of the port.

The Sh3 billion facelift of the Kisumu Port is expected to enable trade in Nyanza and western Kenya as a regional economic hubs.

The Completed works include concreting of the port yard, construction of the quayside, repairs of the linkspan, repairs of the dry dock and rehabilitation of all buildings.

The port is expected to reignite the triangular trade between Kisumu, Jinja in Uganda and Tanzania’s Mwanza Port.

According to Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Managing Director Daniel Manduku, Kisumu port can handle 50,000 TEUs or an equivalent of  200,000 metric tonnes.

The port  will handle all types of cargo which, includes both containerized and conventional Cargo.



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ICPD25 Summt Opens in Nairobi Amidst Criticism From The Church

ICPD25 opens in Nairobi

The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) christened, ICPD+25, has opened up in Nairobi, 25 years since the first…

His President Uhuru Kenyatta, officially opened the summit on Tuesday, alongside Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and Dr. Natalia Kanem, Executive Director UNFPA.

The ICPD Nairobi summit brings together 4000 delegates to deliberate on Sexual and reproductive health rights.

What is ICPD+25?

The ICPD in reference was held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994 and from it a Program of Action was developed that changed the whole perspective of development by placing population issues at the center of development and shifting the main goal of national population policies to that of improving the well-being of citizens.

ICPD also identified enhanced access to reproductive health as critical to the development and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.7 has years later reinforced this view and given prominence to improved reproductive health.

Kenya is one of the 179 member countries that committed to the ICPD 1994 PoA and has consistently worked towards achieving the PoA objectives and has been conducting ICPD reviews every five years. The country Kenya is also a very active member of the FP2020 movement and has achieved remarkable progress by surpassing family planning targets and continuously seeking ways of improving the family planning program as a pathway towards the management of population growth and consequently attaining a quality life for its population.

The secretariat for the ICPD Nairobi Summit is the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD).

Church Leaders oppose ICPD Summit on Abortion Claims

Church leaders have condemned the summit, arguing that it’s aimed at pushing the country to legalize abortion and homosexuality.

The clergy told the organizers that the Country is a God-fearing nation and will not welcome any plans to legalize abortion and homosexuality.

Deputy President William Ruto also over the weekend joined religious leaders in cautioning, organizers of the upcoming International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) against using the platform to advance homosexuality and abortion.

Ruto e assured Christians that the Government would not allow the introduction of practices that contradict the teachings of the Bible.

“We would stand firm as leaders to oppose any teachings and issues that go against our stand as Christians,” he said.

ICPD organizers have however maintained that the summit advocates for the quality of life and giving people the necessary rights and choices to acquire it.



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Youth Employees Making a Difference in Public Service – DPP Nordin Haji –


By Winnie Kabintie

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has acknowledged the role young people can play in transforming the Public Service.

The DPP was speaking to youth participants with interests in the Public Service, at a round table forum, which was organized by the Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF)  together with the Emerging Public Leaders foundations (EPL) with the aim of discussing youth inclusion in the public service.

According to the DPP, young people who comprise 60% of the staff at ODPP, are notably making a difference in the institution.

Noordin Haji further revealed that were it not for the unspirited drive and energy of these youthful employees, recent high profile cases his office has been investigating including the Dams scandal, would not have seen the light of day.

Integrity and Honesty

The DPP also urged the youth who are interested in venturing in the public service to exercise high levels of integrity, shun corruption and refuse to be complacent.

“Aspire to be leaders of integrity, principled & hardworking. No shortcuts! In the Public Service, you will always encounter people who are resistant but that should not discourage you. Stand firm and bring change. Don’t be complacent,” He said.

Team Work

Noordin Haji further encouraged the youth to embrace the spirit of teamwork and always work to empower each other.

“When you get the chance and the exposure you need, give a chance to another young person and advise them. Build each other, don’t tear each other down, that way you build a team that you can succeed with,” the DPP added.

The DPP thanked the Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF)  together with the Emerging Public Leaders foundations (EPL) for organizing the forum, which allowed youth to deliberate on how they can get involved in the public service.

Emerging Leadership Foundation is established in Ghana & Liberia with the aim of overall mindset change on youth in leadership in Africa.

“I believe this platform will serve as the seed that will grow the cadre of youth that will transform public service,”  said the DPP.


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Senate Gives Green light to raise Kenya’s debt ceiling to Ksh.9 trillion

The Senate voted on Wednesday, to raise the government’s borrowing ceiling to 9 trillion shillings ($87.29 billion).

The motion to raise the government’s debt ceiling garnered the support of 30 of the 47 senators.

The Ksh.9 trillion borrowing ceiling will replace the current threshold of debt in net present value (NPV) at no more than 50 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as outlined in the Public Finance Management Act of 2012.

In June this year, Kenya’s total public debt rose to 62.3% of the gross domestic product in June this year, surpassing the recommended threshold 50% of GDP in the 2015/16 financial year.

According to the senators, the increase in the ceiling will also unlock 421 billion shillings worth of loans with foreign development agencies, which have been agreed but are yet to be signed due to the current breach of the ceiling.


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