#StopHateForProfits – Facebook Facing Widespread AD Boycott

Facebook facing Ad Boycott

Facebook has been facing a widespread Ad Boycott under the campaign #StopHateForProfits and big brands have already jumped in the campaign.

The #StopHateForProfits was started in June by U.S. civil rights groups, who enlisted companies to boycott advertising with Facebook for the month of July inorder to help pressure Facebook into taking steps to block hate speech in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Campaign and fight for racial justice.

Facebook is accused of allegedly allowing “incitement  to  violence  against  protesters  fighting  for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor,  Tony  McDade,  Ahmaud  Arbery,  Rayshard  Brooks  and  so  many others”.

They named Breitbart News a “trusted news source” and made The Daily Caller a “fact checker” despite both publications having records of working with known white nationalists.They  turned  a  blind  eye  to  blatant  voter  suppression  on  their  platform.

Could they protect and support Black users? Could they call out Holocaust denial as hate? Could they help get out the vote?

They absolutely could. But they are actively choosing not to do so.” reads a section of a ststement posted on the Stop Hate For Profits campaign website.

Big brands like Coco cola, Ford, Uniliver, Starbucks, Japanese carmaker Honda Motor Co. and US chocolate manufacturer Hersheys Company joined the global ad boycott campaign ‘Stop Hate for Profit’.

99% of Facebook’s $70 billion is made through advertising and the Stop Hate For Profits campaign is definately a blow to the social media giant.

Facebook, in response to the allegations, last week acknowledged it has more work to do and is teaming up with civil rights groups and experts to develop more tools to fight hate speech and said it was making use of artificial aintelligence to flag 90 per cent of hate speech before users report it.

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Magoha: Schools to Reopen in January 2021, Learners to Repeat Classes

Schools to reopen in 2021

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has announced that Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary schools will reopen in January 2021 owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the CS, Covid-19 cases in the country are rising by day and social distancing remains the most effective means of controling the spread of the virus.

“In consultation with Ministry of Health we have agreed schools to reopen when daily COVID-19 cases reduce consistently for 14 days. Social and physical distancing is the most critical factor in ensuring safety of learners,” Magoha said.

Learners to Repeat Classes

Magoha further announced that the school calendar for the year 2020 will be considered lost due to Covid-19, consequently, all learners will remain in their current classes when schools resume in 2021.

The CS also maintained that the directive applies to all children, both in public, private and international schools.

Covid-19 – 2020 KCPE, KCSE Cancelled

The 2020 class eight and form four candidates will also not be sitting for the national exams as is the norm.

KCSE and KCPE exams have been pushed to later next year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had directed that all learning institutions be closed in March, following the announcement of the first corona virus cases in the country.

The government had earlier expressed hopes that schools would tentatively re-open in September.


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Twitter Gets Rid of “Master”, “Slave” and “Blacklist” Programming Jargons in Fight against Racism

Twitter has announced plans to incorporate a more inclusive language in the organisation by doing away with some popular programming words, which seem offensive to the black community.

The “offensive” terms include;  “master”, “slave” “whitelist” and “blacklist” , which are used in coding.

According to Twitter, which has been very vocal in the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, inclusive language plays a critical role in fostering an environment where everyone belongs.

“At Twitter,  the language we have been using in our code does not reflect our values as a company or represent the people we serve. We want to change that. #WordsMatter ” Twiter said in a tweet posted on it’s engineering handle.

In programming speak, “master” refers to a device or process – such as a hard drive or a database – that controls other devices or processes, which are known as “slaves,” or replicas. “Blacklist” is used to describe items that are automatically denied, typically forbidden websites.

Twitter also shared a listof alternative names the organisation intends to replace the offensive words with. These include allowlist instead of whitelist and denylist instead of blacklist.

“Words matter. We want @TwitterEng to reflect our values & support our journey to become more inclusive. We are committed to adopting inclusive language in our code, configuration, documentation and beyond ” said
Michael Montano, lead Twitter’s Engineering team.
The #BlackLivesMatter campaign was sparked by the murder of George Flyod.

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Lockdown Entices Nairobi National Park to Nairobians

Nairobi national park

By Winnie Kabintie

Tucked within the city center and it’s skyscrapers, the Nairobi National Park is quite a beauty to behold, and while this part of the reknown Magical Kenya remains a dream safari destination to many foreigners, you would be surprised at the high number of Kenyans who have never visited the park, either due to lack of interest or sheer disregard of the gem.

“The World’s only Wildlife Capital”

The Nairobi National Park is apparently the only park in the world within a city and it’s home to variety of wildlife including the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes and diverse birdlife with over 400 species recorded.

The National Park also boasts of beautiful park’s picnic sites, three campsites and walking trails for hikers.

Nairobi has been on a lockdown for the last three months as the country tries to control the spread of Covid-19 and this has left Nairobians short of outdoor recreation facilities to kill the boredom of staying home.

“Every cloud has it’s silver lining” as they say and the Nairobi National park has become a “preffered safari destination”  to Nairobians during this lockdown period, as scores of city dwellers take to the park for game drives and picnics.

As the joke now goes on social media, where Nairobians are taking to flout their Nairobi National Park experience through incredible photos; “If you’ve not been to the Nairobi National Park this Lockdown, are you even Kenyan”.

The tourism sector has been one of the biggest hit in the wake of the corona virus pandemic and the country has been trying to come up with incentives to boost domestic tourism, currently and even post corona.

“We have allocated Ksh. 500 million for post corona campaign. We will spend Ksh. 200 million for PR & communication and Ksh. 300 million for marketing campaigns in our markets,” CS Balala said.

Filming, Visiting Nairobi Parks Made Cheaper

Tourism Cabinet Secretrat Najib Balala has reduced park entry fees for Kenyans and International visitors by 50 percent, effective July 1, 2020.

The CS also  announced a reduction of film fee charges by 50% to shoot documentaries in the Parks.

 Nairobi National Parks Virtual Safari Tour

The Kenya Wildlife Service last week launched a Virtual Safari live stream campaign to showcase game safaris in some of the parks and reserves across the country.

“Our international tourism business is completely cut off and we have to still share destination memories with travelers and that is why we are unveiling a virtual tour safari to connect visitors with the destination”, said the CS.

The six-week expedition across the country will be part of the ongoing #MagicAwaits campaign led by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) that is aimed at ensuring that the world and travelers remain connected to destination Kenya even during the current Covid-19 lockdown period when there is restricted movement globally.

Tourism and Travel Health and Safety Protocols

Kenya is also among the first countries to come up with Tourism and Travel Health and Safety Protocols, which will be applied in reopening of the country’s Tourism and Travel industry.

“The Tourism and Travel Health and Safety Protocols we’re launching today, are aligned with @WHOand the@UNWTO reopening guidelines. I urge all countries to have one global integrated Travel Health and Safety Protocol, to ease #safetravels to all visitors,” Balala said during the launch.

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Mystery of Two Missing Children Found Dead in Athi River Police Station

Decomposing bodies of two children found in police station

The Police is trying to investigate a bizaare incident that has left residents of Athi River shocked after bodies of two children, who had been reported missing 10 days, ago were discovered in the trunk of a private vehicle parked at the Athi River police station.

Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jacktone, both aged four years, went missing from their KMC Estate on June 11 while playing outside their house and the matter had been reported at the same police station theor bodies were found.

The decompsing bodies of the children were reportedly discovered on Tuesday by a Nairobi salesman who had gone to the station to pick his car, which had been detained on March 4 following a road accident on Mombasa Road when he detected a foul smell emanating from the boot of his Toyota Belta.

He informed the police who upon inspection found the bodies of the two children in a black polythene bag.

Investigators from the DCI Homicide Unit based at the DCI headquarters yesterday took over the investigations.

According to investigators the bodies were decomposing and could have been inside the car for well over a week.

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