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March 14, 2024


The prosecution, which urged the court to consider slapping the accused with a death sentence described Jowie as being “criminogenic”.

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Jowie Irungu sentenced to death

Jowie Irungu sentenced to death

Monica Kimani Murder Trial

Monica Kimani Murder Trial

In a verdict that has captured the nation’s attention, Joseph “Jowie” Irungu was sentenced to death on Wednesday evening  at the Nairobi High Court for the murder of business woman Monica Kimani, marking a significant milestone in a case that has been rife with twists and turns.

“It was not a defensive act. It was not out of provocation. It was planned, intended and executed,” ruled Justice Nzioka.

“Based on what I have said, I have ordered that the first accused before this court, Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie, shall suffer death as provided for the offence of murder under section 204 of the penal code of Kenya. That is the order of the court.”

Jowie “criminogenic”

The prosecution, which urged the court to consider slapping the accused with a death sentence, described Jowie as being “criminogenic”.

“He (Jowie) lacks stable partner relationships. He has antisocial patterns manifested by living on the edge. He is impulsive and a thrill seeker. He uses anger or aggression to control others. Has a double personality trait,” the probation report cited the judge indicated.

In her verdict, Justice Nzioka also indicated that the court had also established that Jowie, who underwent tactical military training in Dubai, was indeed violent.

Jowie, a figure who found himself at the enter of a media storm, has been embroiled in legal battles following the tragic death of Monica Kimani in September 2018. The case attracted widespread attention due to its gruesome nature and the fact that Irungu was in a relationship with a popular Kenyan TV personality, Jacque Maribe, who also became embroiled in the case.

Monica Kimani body with her throat slit, was discovered in her apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi, in September 2018. leading to a high-profile investigation that unveiled a tale of mystery, relationships, and intrigue. Jowie Irungu, once a ‘private security officer’  and ex boyfriend of former TV anchor Jackie Maribe, were linked to the crime, setting off a series of events that have been closely followed by both the media and the public.

While Jowie Irungu’s sentence marks the conclusion of a chapter that has been fraught with speculation and anticipation, it also opens up conversations on the judicial process, victim’s rights, and the role of media in high-profile cases. The verdict has been met with mixed reactions from the public, with some viewing it as a testament to the effectiveness of the judicial system, while others debate the complexities involved in such cases.

Irungu’s legal team has expressed intentions to appeal the sentence, indicating that the case may not yet be closed.


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