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September 29, 2022


Episode 4 (of 6): ‘Rivals, Relatives & Relations’

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Episode 4: Who Murdered Dr Robert Ouko? ‘Rivals, Relatives & Relations’

Who murdered Dr Robert Ouko?

The ground breaking documentary investigation into the the murder of Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in February 1990: ‘Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why?’ Episode 4 (of 6): ‘Rivals, Relatives & Relations’.

‘Herrine Ogembo [Dr Ouko’s mistress] told Troon that she too had heard of Ouko’s plans when she had a phone call from an unknown woman 10 days before the minister disappeared.

Th woman told her that Ouko was buying a farm or a business and wanted to put it in her name but his wife Christobel did not like it and had visited a witch doctor asking him to kill Ogembo and her daughter Tracy.

Ogembo said Dr Ouko suspected one of his brothers was behind the harassing phone calls.’


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