May 22, 2014


#HabitsThatKenyansWillNeverStop: the top trending tweets from this presently circulating topic on twitter.

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#HabitsThatKenyansWillNeverStop: the top trending tweets

#HabitsThatKenyansWillNeverStop: the top trending tweets

The hashtag #HabitsThatKenyansWillNeverStop has been trending in Kenya since yesterday evening. It was position 20 in the Top 20 Kenyan Trends on Wednesday but it’s the top trending subject with the who’s who in Kenya’s political and corporate world joining the ‘band wagon’.

The tweet with the most impact of the #HabitsThatKenyansWillNeverStop Trend was allegedly published by one Kenyan with the twitter handle @droid254. The tweet attracted 28 Retweets.

Below are some of tweets by well known individuals and organisations as well as some that were particularly popular on the app:

President Uhuru Kenyatta: Attending funerals of people they have never seen to listen to politicians

Kenya Red Cross: Crowding and taking photos at accident scenes

Mwendar Warzimu: Flying out to the UK for one week and coming back with an American accent.

Kenya West©‏: Watching u getting robbed then come to console you, “pole wamekuibia nini? Sorry what have the thugs stolen?

JNR: Running towards the crime scene instead of away from it

Rwambah Nelius‏: Calling you past midnight and asks ”kwani umelala?”/ are you in bed?

Call Me Jamie‏: Calling persistently even when the recipient is not answering. If I dint pick the 1st & 2nd time, what makes you think I will pick the 5th time u call?



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