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August 9, 2012


Kenya at the 2012 Olympic games. David Rudisha takes gold and breaks the world record in thrilling 800m race.

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Kenya at the 2012 Olympics: 800m men’s finals, gold and bronze medals

Kenya at the 2012 Olympics: 800m men’s finals, gold and bronze medals

In an enthralling race this evening Kenyan David Lekuta Rudisha not only won the Gold for Kenya but also beat the world record to become the undisputed champion of 800m running.

The British TV commentators were besides themselves with praise as Rudisha led from the off and just kept on extending his lead. Praise too for the 17yr old Timothy Kitum who made a personal best time.

GO KENYA! London 2012 Olympics

Some interesting facts about David Lekuta Rudisha


Pride of Africa. (, 26 Jan 2012)


Wife Lizzy Naanyu and daughter Charlene


Colm O’Connell (, 24 Feb 2012)

Other sports

His father, Daniel Rudisha, won a silver medal in the 4x400m event at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, Mexico. (, 26 Jan 2012)


He injured his Achilles tendon in 2011 which kept him out of training for nearly ten weeks. (, 24 Feb 2012)

Shin and calf injuries meant he couldn’t attend the Kenyan trials for the 2008 Olympic Games. Despite calls for him to make the team anyway, he wasn’t selected and had to watch national team mate Wilfred Bungei win the 800m title. (, 26 Jan 2012)

Additional information

Start of sporting career
He began running seriously in 2004. (, 26 Jan 2012)

Reason for taking up this sport
He was inspired after his father showed him the Olympic medal he won in 1968. (, 26 Jan 2012)

To win an Olympic medal. (, 28 Dec 2011)

Most memorable sporting achievement
Winning the world title in 2011. “Having the world title is very important to me, more important that the word record. The title will remain with you for the rest of your life but the record can be broken.” (, 30 Aug 2011)

Billy Konchellah, Japheth Kimutai, William Yiampoy. (, 26 Jan 2012)

Most influential person in career
His father. (, 29 Jun 2011)

He was initiated as a Masai warrior after breaking the world record in 2010. The ceremony included killing an entire herd of cattle in his honour. (, 04 Aug 2011)

He was given the 2010 World Athlete of the Year award, making him the youngest runner to ever receive the award. (, 25 Aug 2011)



He became the first Kenyan to ever hold the 800m world record, when he beat previous holder Wilson Kipketer by 0.02 seconds in 2010. This record had stood since 1997, and he then broke his own record a week later completing an unbeaten season in that distance. (, 26 Jan 2012)


He won the 800m at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu despite being spiked on the first corner and his shoe nearly coming off. “I’m so happy for the victory since I was under a lot of pressure. I have never run a race under the kind of pressure I was in today but in the end, I finally made it.” (, 26 Jan 2012)


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