March 22, 2017


Kenya has faster internet speeds than Australia. Kenya has the 23rd fastest internet speeds in a global ranking.

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Kenya has faster internet speeds than Australia

Kenya has faster internet speeds than Australia

Kenya has been listed as the 23rd fastest in the world in internet speed with an impressive average of 15mbps above developed countries such as Australia according to the Akamai’s State of the Internet report.
South Korea topped the list with the fastest connectivity at 26.1mbps while The Philippines had the worst internet speed of the countries surveyed.
By 2020 a global roll-out of a 5G connection is expected to drastically improve internet connectivity everywhere. A 5G connection will allow users to download around one gigabit per second – or one HD movie in under two minutes.

1. South Korea: 26.1Mbps
2. Norway: 23.6Mbps
3. Sweden: 22.817.3Mbps
4. Hong Kong: 21.9Mbps
5. Switzerland: 21.23Mbps
6. Denmark: 20.7Mbps
7. Finland 20.6Mbps
8. Singapore: 20.2Mbps
9. Japan: 19.6Mbps
10. Netherlands: 17.6Mbps
11. Latvia: 17.2Mbps
12. Czech Republic: 17.3Mbps
13. United States: 17.2Mbps
14. United Kingdom: 16.3Mbps
15. Romania: 16.1Mbps
16. Belgium: 15.9Mbps
17. Spain: 15.4Mbps
18. Ireland: 15.3Mbps
19. Taiwan: 15.6Mbps
20. Bulgaria: 15.6Mbps
21. Kenya: 15.0Mbps
22. Lithuanian: 14.6Mbps
23. Canada: 14.9Mbps
24. Hungary: 14.3Mbps
25. Germany: 14.6Mbps
26. Lithuania: 14.6Mbps
27. Israel: 14.4Mbps
28: Hungary: 14.3Mbps
29: Slovenia: 14.0Mbps
30: Austria: 13.9Mbps
31. Thailand: 13.1Mbps
32. Slovakia: 13.0Mbps
33. Malta: 12.9Mbps34
34. New Zealand: 12.9Mbps
37: Portugal: 12.6Mbps
39: Poland: 12.4Mbps
41: Qatar: 11.9Mbps
42: Russia: 11.6Mbps
43: Estonia: 11.4Mbps
45: Luxembourg: 11.1Mbps
48: United Arab Emirates: 10.7Mbps
51: Australia: 10.0Mbps


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