December 1, 2014


Kenya becomes the most generous country in Africa. This is according to 2014’s World Giving Index Report by CAF.

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Kenya becomes the most generous country in Africa

Kenya becomes the most generous country in Africa

Kenyans the most generous in Africa

Kenya has now joined the world’s top 20 most generous countries in the World according to the 2014 World Giving Index report by Charitable Aid Foundation America (CAF).

The country moved up eighteen places from last year’s index to position 15 this year globally. Apparently, Kenya holds position one as the most generous country in Africa.

The World Giving Index aims to provide insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world and ranks countries based on a simple averaging of responses from the following three key questions;

  1. Donated money to a charity?
  2. Volunteered your time to an organisation?
  3. Helped a stranger, or someone you didn’t know who needed help?

Each country is given a percentage score and ranked on the basis of these scores.

Kenya scores 67% when it comes to helping a stranger, 47% on volunteering time to an organization and 33% on donating money to a charity.

The top five most generous countries in the world are; Myanmar, United States of America, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

In overall, the World Giving Index observes a fall in donating money in all the countries in the index, a trait that is attributed to the “slowdown reported in GDP growth between 2012 and 2013 (down 0.2 percentage points). As last year, helping a stranger and volunteering time continue to run counter to GDP, with both kinds of giving showing an upward trend since 2011.”


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