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March 21, 2017


Kenyans and the peculiar fetish of “killing” personalities. Frequently, news outlets will circulate stories of deaths that simply haven’t happened.

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Kenya’s peculiar habit of assuming people are dead who aren’t

Kenya’s peculiar habit of assuming people are dead who aren’t

Kenyans are known to have some pretty peculiar habits that will either leave your ribs cracking or shaking your head in dismay.

One of these habits that invoke the latter reaction is the bizarre tradition of “killing” personalities; from musicians, actors to politicians.

Veteran comedian, Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill became the latest victim of the Kenyan “killing spree” when news started circulating on social media last weekend that he had been killed in a grisly road accident along Mai Mahiu-Suswa road after his car hit a pothole.

Churchill took to his social media accounts to dispel the rumours, saying that he was alive and kicking. The comedian would later comically reveal in an interview with the Sunday nation that he was having lunch when he got news about his death.

“It didn’t worry me at first because I have seen it happen to my friends in the entertainment industry until I started receiving numerous calls from concerned friends and family,” Churchill told the Sunday Nation.

Other celebrities who have been unceremoniously “killed” include; Jaguar, Fred Machoka, singer Avril, Willy M. Tuva.

Politicians like the former cabinet minister Nicholas Biwott popularly known as the Total Man, have been “killed” on more than one ocassion.

In 2014, Citizen TV reporter Willis Raburu declared Biwott dead via Twitter when at the same time the total man was speaking at a party in Toroplongon in Keiyo South.

Retired president Daniel Arap Moi was also killed in June last year after a local blog ran the story as breaking news.

“Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi the second President of Kenya has passed on in his sleep in Kabarak home in Nakuru,” read a section of the article.


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