August 11, 2014


Kenya’s growing film industry is now capable of standing on its own. It can now support its actors appropriately and is full of new ideas.

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Kenya’s growing film industry is now capable of standing on its own

Kenya’s growing film industry is now capable of standing on its own

The Kenyan film industry is indeed growing at a quite remarkable pace and unlike in the recent years where acting was just done as a leisure activity without much return or reward for the players, nowadays local actors can comfortably live off acting.

Scores of films and local TV series are being produced regularly and unlike the days when actors would just go idling around the Kenya National Theatre hoping that a job comes through, our actors are so busy that this Forum correspondent often sees posts on social media by some of them complaining of being overwhelmed by the hectic schedules they have.

This year, three big films from different production houses are set to premier and the industry is looking forward with anticipation. The films include VEVE (One Fine Day Films), Fundi-Mentals (Historia films), Strength Of A Woman and Strata (Et-Cetera Productions).


Strata, is a star studded thriller whose story reveals the depths that one is willing to go for the person they love, and the fact that the dark secrets we sometimes keep in our closets cannot stay hidden forever.

The film is written and directed by award winning director/scriptwriter Cajetan Boy and is set to premier on 22nd August 2014 at the Alliance Francaise.

Apparently after the premier, the film will have two screenings on the 23rd and 24th of this month at a special rate of sh 200 for students who will get a chance to engage in a discussion with the production crew of Strata and learn on all aspects of low budget/high quality film making.


When the body of her fiancé turns up, shot at the back of his head indicating that he did not struggle but let it happen, Jasmine, (SABINA STADLER) who is of mixed race vows to find his killer at the cost of her life.

By having to deal with the fact that she really did not know anything about him, Jasmine comes face to face with her own painful past and memories, of the life she had to lose to build the one she thought she could with him.

Who really killed Seal (played by GILBERT LUKALIA)? Was it a case of revenge, jealousy or something more complex? Well the only way for find out is at the premier of the film.

Also featured in the film is VERONICA WACEKE, as Silk, and AMIN VIRANI ELCHIE who plays a character called Kush.

Below is a teaser of the film and behind the scenes photos


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