June 16, 2017


Kenya Film Classification Board bans cartoons with gay content. The KFCB stated gay content was linked with moral corruption.

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Kenya Film Classification Board bans cartoons with gay content

Kenya Film Classification Board bans cartoons with gay content

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned six cartoons, which it says have gay content.

The cartoons include Loud Housethe Legend of the Korra and Hey Arnold, which are animation children programs available on Nickelodeon (DSTV) and ClaranceSteven Universe and Adventure Time, all available on Cartoon Network.

KFCB chief executive officer, Ezekiel Mutua, through a statement said the board launched investigations following public complaints that programmes promoting homosexuality are airing on Nickelodeon and Disney and established that they are indeed legitimate.

“Most of these programs target vulnerable children with subtle messages that are deliberately designed to corrupt their moral judgment regarding the institution of family,” the statement reads.

Most parents in Kenya may not be aware that the children’s programs are laced with retrogressive and bizarre messages intended to promote the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender agenda in the country,” KFCB further states, urging parents to be vigilant in monitoring the content their children are watching on television.

KFCB further says that the cartoons bear misleading age suitability ratings that are inconsistent with the content classification guidelines and indeed against the laws of Kenya and has written to Multichoice and asked the network to immediately discontinue the broadcasting, distribution or exhibition of the programmes.

The ban on the cartoons comes just weeks after KFCB banned the Blue Whale online game, which was allegedly driving teenagers to commit suicide.


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