February 10, 2014


Locally developed apps increasingly provide services for Kenyans, addressing need where previously there had been no solutions.

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Locally developed apps increasingly provide services for Kenyans

Locally developed apps increasingly provide services for Kenyans

When travelling in a PSV these days, you won’t fail to notice that most of the passengers are facing down spending most of the time interacting with their phones. Reason being that phones have become smarter thus enhancing a closer relationship between the phone and the user.

With smartphones came the era of apps and websites which have made life for Kenyans more interesting and easier in equal measure.

The popular websites and apps used by Kenyans includes Opera Mini browser, social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Hangout, Viber, Instagram among others. Game apps such as Angry Birds, SpeedCar, Candy Crush, Temple Run among others are also popular. These are just some of the general apps used by the majority but there are those that are more efficient apps in regards to one’s need.

When it comes to addressing immediate needs of Kenyans, Kenyan application developers have made immense contributions and with the increase in internet usage in the country, locally developed apps and websites have increasingly gained popularity. We have websites and apps such us Rupu, OLX, Jumia, eatout.com, ticketsasa.com, offersafrica.com and iCow just to name but a few.

The biggest challenge for many Kenyan developers has been making money or rather turn their innovations into businesses. In all these developments, it is the hope of Kenya Forum that the Kenyan developers with cutting edge apps and websites shall reap great fruits for their products as this will encourage more innovations from smart and talented Kenyans.


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