July 23, 2012


By no means all the comments sent to the Forum were deemed fit for publication!

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Miguna Miguna And ‘Peeling Back The Mask’ – The Response From 50 Kenya Forum Readers

Kenya Forum readers have their say… As part of our duty to be a forum the Kenya Forum this morning publishes 50 responses from our readers to the publication of Miguna Miguna’s book ‘Peeling back the mask’.

By no means all the comments sent to the Forum were deemed fit for publication! The views expressed below are those of the individual readers. Some have been edited for the sake of clarity, space and legal considerations.


At the risk of sounding like I am legitimising this as a moral court, I think after reading so much of this submission, it would be fair to get a comment from the main subject.

Dear Miguna… It is very progressive to write a book. It is equally progressive to critique especially leadership. But it is morally not good to do the foregoing while in a state of hunger and vengeance. I watched you on screen as you launched the book and in you I saw a bitter man out to teach someone an undeserved lesson. In fact the speech you gave was not one that is for the occasion of launching a book; rather it was similar to one that politicians of opposing camps give during their weekend rallies. Anyway that is not the way to fight a brother you have even shared a house with no matter what they have done to you. Please think carefully and engage cease fire gear. People will use you and damp you but your brother will not.

We are focused in answering the wrong questions, Miguna’s intent as a whistleblower is less important and secondary than the credibility of the claims. If by any chance these claims are true as already hinted by the Raila’s nepotism, him employing more than eight close relatives for the top cream, then Kenyans should have no business with him. On the other hand if the allegations are wrong then Miguna should face the music from the prosecutor.

I congratulate Miguna and thank him 4 weldone job, I believe the man have been cornered, let him know we have more reformed patriotic Kenyans who are not sycophants like MPs from lake side, this is the Kenya wanted, hongera

Congratulations Hon. Miguna for the good job done. Indeed very few persons can make such a move to the so called Rich and Powerful individuals keep the fire burning and let innocent uninformed Kenyans to be informed and choose what is right for there country.

Good move if at he has done so, then justice should be done like the rest. He keeps saying that he is white like cotton while he is not. We need a leader not pretenders who think about themselves while the rest of Kenyans cracking theirs heads to make ends meet.

Why are they telling us now what Kenyans should know in 2007, those are all about politics!

Its OK you have you are through with your book now give us the Hague evidence and will believe you but think twice never be notorious if u wanna be glorious.

Miguna’s intent as a whistleblower is less important and secondary than the credibility of the claims… On the other hand if the allegations are wrong then Miguna should face the music from the prosecutor…

Still the usual Nonsensical Politics?? “Blocking the PM from assenting to Power??” Lies after lies!! Kenya is BIG than an individual!! These are serious allegations against the PM and must not be politicized but rather seriously scrutinized by the relevant bodies. Also who cares about Miguna’s past?? We should see the PM resign immediately to pave way for investigations to clear his name first, before he goes out for VOTE chasing!

I love the freedom of speech there is in Kenya now. But I just hope its being used for the right purpose.

Well done job Miguna. Kenyan’s need the like of Miguna courageous men who would reveal wolfs covered in sheep’s wool.

It’s good to have differences coz will make people to know the truth.

Why was Miguna rushing to court of law to be reinstated to the so called corrupt office? He is part of the corruption.

Miguna has done what he had to do now it’s for us to shift our focus accordingly.

Congratulations, I wish we could have more Miguna’s from Nyanza because these people blindly worship Raila without any reasons… Hon. Miguna I salute you, please teach the blind professor’s from the lake… O your people from the lake open up your eyes and reason like men. What for the grave & Miguna is a life? Stop sycophancy and exercise full democracy.

Congrats MIGUNA, the difference between you and the PM have come to give us the real picture we wanted about this man who have long been claiming to be a reformer. I surely don’t get anything has he deliver his speech, nothing completely, juz beating AROUND THE BUSH.

Miguna’s literature is quite interesting, if only it were true 100% about his allegations.
A true citizen should have said all these while still in the same position; otherwise I don’t see the difference between Miguna and Raila and the rest of politicians.
Die like a soldier, facing the gun; not squatting or kneeling, die standing Miguna, your cowardice acts doesn’t help a common citizen.

Why wait and only speak only after being fired?

Let the truth be told. We are waiting for a rejoinder.

I love the freedom of speech there is in Kenya now. But I just hope it’s being used for the right purpose…

This Miguna issue of publishing a book aimed at defaming the PM is an absolute outdated way of expressing grudges!! Miguna should have been bold enough to resign honourably just like Martha Karua & Mungatana if he really thought what was cooking in ODM was an absolute mess. What he just did was an act of cowardice and a feeling of fury out to avenge the embarrassment he experienced after expulsion. Really pathetic situation huh!

1.)Miguna,asume you were still in the office would you have revealed this matter?
2.) As an (intellect) you’ve betrayed your nation by hiding such… evidence to the ICC. 3.)You’ve betrayed the morality of literature by writing against someone instead of writing about someone. 4.)Since you also worked in the very same office, we Kenyans are blaming you for having accommodated all these wickedness for six good years, be responsible, one of your finger at Raila, three pointing at you. 5.) An intellect will not nail all the weaknesses of someone without appreciating even his achievements, this is an act of revenge, for Christ sake, be logic, be pragmatic, be logic, be rational, be systematic Kenyans are longing for peace and harmony not propaganda. By the way, do you even sympathise with the IDPs? Have you donated anything for them as a mark of showing sympathy for having worked in a corrupt office. Do it now it’s not late, don’t be egocentric. Otherwise thank you for your courage but be wise, it pays a lot.

Miguna should have been bold enough to resign honourably just like Martha Karua & Mungatana…

I like reading books but this one of Miguna… Why now? He benefited from all this is saying. He ate from these proceeds so he is not clean. Kenyans should see these things. It’s just vengence. Remember the story in the bible about that woman and Jesus. If you believe in the bible then don’t throw stones at your opponents before you see yourself into the mirror.

Miguna is an activist well known since the time he was a student, he can say anything if he does not achieve whatever he wanted.

Very interesting Jaluo Jeuri so called Miguna but remember that you will be the first Miguna to answer all this thing, because all along you were eating with this men and to make matters worst you were the cook. At the end of the day you will tell Kenyans why you kept this allegation and then reveals them after you have been fired. Your like a woman who reveals her husband witchcraft after she has been divorced?

This is just a trick you are trying on Kenyans. Why didn’t Miguna say this before when he was working with the PM. It may be him that was advising the PM wrongly. So this is just a political plot.

Those who were quick to congratulate Miguna can now eat humble pie. You celebrated lies he could not substantiate and now he has escaped.

I wish someone could write the same about Kibaki, Ruto, Uhuru and Musalia Kenya’s need the truth and I quess Miguna’s book would be a shadow on what can be said I can guarantee that. Raila’s scandals as claimed by Miguna are nothing…….

I wish someone could write about Kibaki, Ruto, Uhuru and Musalia – Kenyan’s need the truth…

God is the final Judge and will always expose wickedness. Let’s leave it to Him and His perfect will be done in this Nation. We need Leaders who will lead this Nation to it’s destiny. We need more of God than before. Pray! Pray! for restoration.

No body should be trusted. Even Miguna himself. If he was a true democrat, why did he wait until it is too late? This shows that: Miguna as an advisor, was involved.

Miguna is a corrupt Kenyan. Where was he when all this evils were taking place yet he was the adviser of Raila? He should be as wise as a serpent but as humble as a dove we Kenyans know that he is not an angel in fact he is being used! He knows Raila is great that’s why “they” are combining their efforts to bring him down Kenya will be more peaceful when you are away.

I pity some Kenyans sometimes, I know de opponents of R.A.O are using this book to chest thump ohh Raila this oooh Raila dat bt my querryb is can miguna substantiate the allegations with any proof, citations or evidence as others claim. These is any other Kenyan trying 2 fleece money from corrupt and rich Kenyans willing 2 cripple Railas bid at all cost. 50 years ago we judged by the colour of our skins, then around 1960s we were judged by the colour of our flags but now it’s the accent of our language… Jeff Koinange.. the first time I watched Jeff’s show I never thought he cud be compromised by the tribe he comes from bt ma request is’ one Kenya different tribes one nation’

If Miguna was clean then he would have aired all these information in public some long time before so am sorry because I feel he was one hungry man, who needed attention. He is simply not a whistle-blower but a wolf in sheep skin. Kenyans beware of such friends who will betray you when things don’t work for your friendship.

We Kenyans are very inquisitive just like monkeys, anything that will make money one will go for it to make quick cash. Is exactly what Miguna has done to take advantage of people to make money. His book is not consistent and lacks content. Mungu asaidie kenya.


All politicians look for votes, but why do they struggle to tell us how competent they are. When the truth is revealed irrespective of who reveals it, they disown it using their clansmen, like mheshimiwa bado mabambano. Remember Kenya is bigger than Raila Odinga.

Miguna has spilled the beans but you (Raila) are still the man to state house come sunshine or darkness. Keep on keeping on Agwambo. You are the face of Kenya added to Charity Kaluki Ngilu. Don’t panic you are the people we want. Keep the fire burning. Don’t let it die. Add more fuel to keep it burning. Soldier on, unstoppable.

The man is asking for Raila to be angel, cannot happen, the man is as strong as all we. where could you possibly get all the good qualities, Miguna forgets RAILA was detained 9 years, it is a miracle Raila can remember his name, shame on you Miguna, Kenya forward with Raila.

Miguna has performed his paid-for duty and let’s now wait and see what Kenyans will have to say at the ballot…

Miguna leave Raila alone we don’t need all these stuff now, let us go to the general election.


Ever have I been believing that a learned man knows how to reason in that when they want to rebuke someone in the society they would commence by weighing the achievments of that particular person before shifting to HIS shortcomings since no one is totally wrong or right. Today I am amazed to read a book written by a learned man, the book which not only does it mention a total shortcomings of SOMEONE but it also aims at destroying HIM (Raila) completely without even appreciating how much this man has contributed towards transforming this society from quicksand of tribal injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood (Histrory acknowledges)…The authour has also abused the moral of literature by writing AGAINST someone instead of writing about someone. Why has he been tolerating and hiding all these rubbish in his office over six good years, if he is an innocent man loyal to his country, he could have exposed them long time ago. This is a revenge mission after his dismissal, I thought he is a gentleman of promising character and intellectual capacity never to know that he is an extraordinarily reckless man with such a restless pugnacious rebellious temperament against A MAN OF THE PEOPLE.Shame! … Furthermore, he should be arrested for having hidden such a heavy evidence from the suffering Kenyans longing for peace and even to the ICC in general. I wonder some people!

Freedom of expression? It’s one of the rights that citizens have.


Cheers to the most popular man in the land’

Miguna is a tru hustler

Nice job sir. Miguna, you should be already in court and prosecuted over your misleading advise…

What counts the most is if the allegations are true. Nobody should be blamed until everything is proven

It was so brave for Miguna Miguna to write this book. This is how we can grow our democracy and expose the even “untouchable”.

Bravo Miguna… Write more and more.

Good job Miguna we need more



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