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Boniface Mwangi says he is facing death threats

Boniface Mwangi says he is facing death threats

Kenya’s celebrated activist Boniface Mwangi (pictured in yellow, above) has announced that he has received death threats on his life and that of his family.

According to the activist, he has often received such threats but the recent ones, which for the first time targeted his wife and children, have taken a more dangerous tone that he was forced to get out of the country.

My life has been haunted by all kinds of threats. Some close friends know about the intimidation that I receive, but I have always been reluctant to go public about them. I did not want to ever be the boy who cried wolf,” Boniface Mwangi said in a statement.

“I am anguished because the threats are now taking a more dangerous tone. For the first time since I began engaging in activism, my wife and children have been included as targets. The source of the threats claims that because I have refused to be bought and won’t compromise, I have put my family in danger,” he said.

According to bonny as he is popularly known; the threats on his life intensified following his response to a defamation suit filed by  Deputy President, Ruto against him.

Boniface Mwangi death threats: “Do not come back home, they will kill you”

The threats forced him to move his family outside the country for safety last year following advice by fellow human rights activists and he would also follow suit after realizing that he was being monitored by “strange people”.

 “We were meant to travel back last week, but then I received a frightening warning message: “DO NOT COME HOME: THEY WILL KILL YOU.” To prove the message’s authenticity, my source shared specific details of how they intend to hurt me and my family,” he said, adding that he was on his way home back home and would record a statement with the police.


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