July 30, 2014


#MyBukusuDarling: Asian woman and Bukusu man marry despite cultural division. Read of for the story of their inspiring love.

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#MyBukusuDarling: Asian woman and Bukusu man marry despite cultural division

#MyBukusuDarling: Asian woman and Bukusu man marry despite cultural division

“Love is blind and lovers themselves cannot see the pretty follies that they commit,” says Shakespeare, in the play Merchant Of Vernice. Well, it seems as though a Kenyan lady of Asian origin has been reading from that script following her decision to defy all odds including her parents will and tradition to marry the love of her life.

In a story highlighted by KTN, 24 year old Sarika Patel, who is a daughter of a wealthy business man (Chabbadia Patel), has sworn to marry a Bukusu man, Timothy Khamala, 25, despite the cultural obstacles which inhibit her from marrying outside her community. The two rare love birds are said to have become quite a sensation in Nangina village of Webuye, Bungoma County in Western Kenya.

Sarika and Timothy, who have known each other for four years, met while Khamala was working as a casual labourer in one of the businesses owned by Sarika’s father. He was however sacked as soon as her parents got wind of the love affair and is currently jobless.

“I liked him the moment I saw him. I remember he was washing my father’s vehicle. They were two of them washing the vehicle and I remember ejecting the other fellow just to be closer to Timothy. I was crazy I tell you.

This is the man of my dreams, he knows how to love and it is him that will be the father of my unborn children. I love him with all my life,” the Standard quotes Sarika

Since the story was aired, #MyBukusudarling has been trending on social media. Below are some of the tweets;

Patrick Lumumba: ‏#MyBukusuDarling should be more than a trend. Talk it, and live it too! Racism/ethnicity should flee at such inspiring occurrences.

ELIAKIM LOLGISOI: ‏ #mybukusudarling I see guys walking past Indian shops starting tomorrow and be like my dreams are valid.

Jeff Alstar: Now the bukusu Man will receive Dowry!! Lucky Ninja #MyBukusuDarling

Terry Nzau: #MyBukusuDarling @ktnkenya the girl should follow her heart. The rest is history.

Love indeed conquers all! How else do you fathom the idea that a wealthy girl can forsake the luxuries and comfort of her home and opt to settle in poverty, just for love!!


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