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March 20, 2017


Digital healthcare services are coming to Kenya. An online healthcare service, ConnectMed, has recently launched.

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Digital healthcare services are coming to Kenya

Digital healthcare services are coming to Kenya

Kenya’s 1st comprehensive telehealth platform, ConnectMed, which allows patients to have a virtual consultation and get treated by a doctor online has launched today.

“Healthcare in Kenya is both scarce given too few doctors as well as inaccessible due to cost, location, and limited available hours. We started ConnectMed to help solve these challenges and make healthcare delivery truly scalable,” said Dr. Fibian Nyorita, Chief Medical Officer, ConnectMed.

ConnectMed, which is currently running in South Africa, allows one to see a doctor on a live video and get treated for over 30 common ailments.The service has currently signed up over 50 doctors

“You can request to see one of our trained KMPDB-licensed doctors for a 15-minute virtual consultation, 8 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with same day,” said Melissa McCoy, Chief Executive Officer, ConnectMed

ConnectMed Patients will also enjoy great discounts on medications & follow-on services from partners of the service. Doctors on the platform will be able to provide medical advice, diagnose, treat, prescribe and even refer you onto a specialist, provide a sick note or referral letter.

ConnectMed is offering a free first consultation to patients for a limited time to allow Kenyans to see the value of the service. Click on the link to book your consultation

Digital Healthcare

Technology, the smartphone particularly has indeed revolutionized healthcare in the country. Kenya’s remarkable growth in mobile technology has led to a digital revolution in key areas of development such as; healthcare, banking, government services etc.

Mobile money platforms have made it easier for Kenyans to facilitate healthcare financing considering that 22 million people pay out of pocket for private healthcare.

Hospitals have also embraced technology to have Electronic Health Records (EHR) and automating services rendered to patients from the point of registration to discharge.


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