May 5, 2012


Samsung’s Galaxy S3 arrives in Kenya and is, quite obviously, set to become the smartest phone around. Who wants one?

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Samsung Galaxy S3: Kenya’s smartest phone

Samsung Galaxy S3: Kenya’s smartest phone

South Korea’s electronics giant Samsung has unveiled the new and much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3. Tagged as the phone that ‘understands you’ the 4.8 inch screen Smartphone which was introduced in London on Thursday 3rd 2012 is faster, more powerful and has improved features compared to its predecessors.

With a more powerful processor, the S3’s signature lies in its simultaneity, its face recognition technology and improved voice activated controls (the latter is meant to be a competitor to Apple’s Siri). You can do two things at the same time using the nature inspired device. For example you can watch videos as you write emails and send text messages. S3’s amazing features backing up the notion that it’s an ‘understanding’ phone are many. Just to mention a few, the phone knows when you’re looking at it’. It maintains a bright display so long as you look at the phone and when you fall asleep or look away for some time it goes dark (the feature is known as Smart Stay).

If that’s not enough, the S3 will even know when you want to talk if you’re texting a friend. All you have to do is lift the phone to your ear and it dials your friend automatically. The galaxy S3 will know when you’ve been away from it. A vibrating nudge let’s you know missed calls or messages. Another interesting feature it carries is the Buddy Photoshare which uses face recognition to identify friends and family in the photos you take and instantly shares the photos with them. Other impressive possible uses include, waking the phone up, requesting songs, sending emails and texts, using the calendar app, adjusting the volume, capturing photos, snoozing and alarm and enquiring about the weather among others.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Kenya’s smartest phone

The Samsung Galaxy S3 which builds on the popularity of its predecessor is expected to be a hit in the coming days. Samsung has overtaken long time leaders Nokia to establish themselves as the biggest makers in all types of mobile phones and aim to maintain their spot by producing such kickass products.

The S3 is expected to reach the stores first in Europe, at the end of this month.

Here in Kenya the S3 is expected to arrive in Nairobi also at the end of this month courtesy of tech-craze Kenyans who don’t want to be left behind when the latest technology is out. “We already have orders and first stocks shall be in the country from the last week of this month,” according to Samsung East Africa Deputy MD Robert Ngeru who spoke to Capital Lifestyle.


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