December 14, 2013


Uruguay has become the first country to completely legalize marijuana. It is now legal to grow, own and smoke the drug in the country.

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Uruguay becomes the first country to legalise maijuana

Uruguay becomes the first country to legalise maijuana

Uruguay has taken the bold step to permit its citizens to grow, buy and smoke marijuana hence becoming the first country in the world to completely legalize the drug. The law proposing the legalization of marijuana was first proposed in 2012 as a way of fighting drug-related crime.

According to the new law, Uruguayans can now register to purchase up to 40 grams (1.4 ounces) of weed per month from government-licensed pharmacies. The residents can also grow up to six pot plants in their homes per year.


The Uruguay government has maintained full control of the marijuana business and will regulate its cultivation, distribution and consumption. However, Private companies will be allowed to grow larger quantities of marijuana but it will be distributed and sold through state agencies.

Apparently, the law which is expected to be effective in 120 days is reported to be not as widely accepted in the country and only managed to prevail by a whisker after Uruguay’s senate voted 16-13 in favour of the bill.

Legalizing marijuana becomes yet another controversial move from Uruguay, after it became the second Latin American country to legalize gay marriage in April this year.


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