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July 22, 2013


A glamorous night was had by Kenya’s music talent. What you need to know from 2013 MCSK Star Times Awards, including who won what.

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What you need to know from 2013 MCSK Star Times Awards

What you need to know from 2013 MCSK Star Times Awards

All roads seem to lead to the Safari Park Hotel on Saturday evening for the second annual music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) awards. It was a night full of glamour as the invitation-only event was dominated by the crème de le crème personalities in the countries’ entertainment sector.


The theme for this year’s awards was CELEBRATING KENYA AT 50 YEARS and the MC’s of the night, radio personality Angela Angwenyi and singer Frasha of the popular group P-unit, cracked the crowd with jokes of Kenyans peculiar habits among them being, “It’s only in Kenya where someone calls you at 2am and goes ahead to ask you umelala? /are you sleeping?”

There was a regional representation of performances from musicians from the main counties in Kenya and all the musicians in the house were given the platform to do what they know best.

The melodious Solomon brought the house down with an eccentric performance of his hit song Mfalme Wa Amani and the now popular ‘Wandindi guy’, stole the show with his ‘talking’ skills. The now born-again Size 8 was also in the house and as always her energy on stage was quite marvellous as she did her well choreographed mateke song.


With Star Times coming in as the main sponsor of this year’s awards, the official title was 2013 MCSK Star Times Awards and philanthropist singer Jaguar won four awards in four categories for his song kigeugeu making him the man of the night. Other celebrities who were awarded include DNA for his song ita waiter, Ringtone, Talanta and Eunice Njeri, Kidum, Habida, and Collo.

Showbiz magazine (Pulse) Editor Steve Muendo was awarded the Star Times MCSK Appreciation award and being his birthday, angel and Frasha led the crowd in singing a happy birthday song for him.

Royal Media Services and Radio Africa were also awarded the Top Earners Award.


In recognition of musicians from the past who laid the foundation for music in Kenya, a category for the Lifetime Award was included and it was awarded to the late Daudi Kabaka born in 1939, courtesy of his hit song African Twist.

Dauda Kabaka (right) posthumous lifetime achievement award

MCSK Awards seeks to promote local musicians by paying them royalties depending on how frequent their music is played. MCSK also recognizes the media and different players that play a role in giving platform for musicians.


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