December 21, 2021


Here are a few ideas to help you make some good memories during this festive season

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It’s Christmas Time! Tips And Ideas For The Season

It’s Christmas Time! Tips And Ideas For The Season

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Twinkly lights hanging like icicles, exploding like starbursts and glowing merrily in the dark. Young and old people raise joyful noises as they chant Christmas carols from their homes and churches in preparation for the birth of the Messiah. There’s just something beautiful about Christmas songs, especially when they are sang as part of caroling with a group of loved ones.These are some of the popular Christmas traditions that are being observed across many countries in the world in preparation to Christmas day.They are part of the perfect touch that have taken up most cities,homes, offices and hospitals.

As you go about your day you will notice individuals/families busy shopping for some Christmas decorating essentials for their spaces as a way to create and bring a festive happy touch especially after surviving two tough dark years of living with a pandemic. Right now, anything that families can do to be more efficient makes for a better Christmas and a less stress free season. Let’s stop being terrible procrastinators and choose a different Christmas. Here are a few ideas to help you make some good memories during this festive season:


Luckily,Santa Claus is not the only popular Christmas tradition that families can practise. Finding and setting up a perfect Christmas tree is just the beginning of beautiful memories. It gets better and more special when it’s decorated with unique,fun and personalized DIY ornaments. I know a number of families who make it a point to watch Christmas movies together as part of their holiday celebrations and this is a great way for them to bond and share the joys of Christmas. Other than that, each family and culture have their own special menus that they enjoy cooking because what is Christmas without traditional foods? and nothing says ” it’s the holidays” like the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies; they are a great delight to enjoy with a cup of coffee/tea/juice or serve guests as they visit over the holidays.


Put some little time and energy into designing beautiful spaces that will give your family and guests a great experience because at the end of the day,that’s what matters. You can look for inspiration from designers,events world and creatives.


You will obviously have to spend so many hours on accomplishing one thing with the kids involved, but it surely is a fun way to have everyone engaged by assigning individual roles and creating a system of accountability because in the long run,no man works alone! Also, do create some room where your family can give some suggestions,contribute more ideas that will help spice up the holidays.


During festive seasons,most of us tend to be over-excited and spend way above our budget because we have to ensure that everyone who’s close to our circle gets a portion of our love by sharing gifts with them. It’s important to avoid wishful thinking because everything is subject to budget constraints but what is more important, put your miscellaneous costs in your budget as they may save you when things don’t turn out as you had anticipated.Remember schools will be opening up in a few days and your responsibility doesn’t end with the celebrations, school uniforms will suddenly not fit your kids and the school administration will be sending you a reminder to honor your commitment to try and clear school fees in good time. So be wise and have a budget.


Christmas is a great time to share and put a smile on a less fortunate person’s face.We cannot afford to do this all year round but the good thing is that we don’t always have to wait for the festive season to extend a helping hand to the needy because no one is too poor that they do not have anything to give. An easy way to cheer up the needy would be to declutter your house and park all those outfits (yours and the kids’) that you no longer use but are in perfect condition and take them to a children’s home or the street families. You could also go an extra mile and bake a cake or prepare a hot meal for them,they will live to remember this season in their life.


Every little moment shared during Christmas should have one purpose: “creating beautiful memories.” It is therefore important to remember to stop and take a photo-those are the beautiful stories that your children will be sharing with their friends in school and your family showing off to their friends because those are the moments that we should all live for.


Take a moment and lay down to rest. You have been working so hard all year long,you have overcome so much but you have forgotten to listen to your body.Take time to book that flight/ hotel or Air BnB and go find yourself again. You need some selfcare moments so while at it; treat yourself to some sauna/massage,take time to journal and put down positive affirmations,sip your coffee as you read the new book making headlines in your social networks and enjoy the smell of the rain drops or cool breeze in a different environment. When you have recharged, get back to the hustle and bustle of life because it never stops,reminding yourself that this body is not immortal and it needs some tender loving care once in a while.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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