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When a man trusts a woman it means more than just that he knows she won’t cheat on him. The recent survey conducted by Ipsos Synovate, previously known as Steadman revealed that most men do not think that their partners are likely to cheat. According to the study, only 7 % of men listed unfaithfulness in women as a habit they found annoying, ironically indecent dressing seemed to irritate most men more.

An opinion poll conducted by the Saturday magazine, a pull out in The Saturday Nation, based on the study’s findings, confirms that as much as men are of the opinion that women are to prone to cheating, most of them think that very few women cheat and reckon that, unlike men, women are more discreet and thus its hard to catch a woman cheating.

According to Samuel, one of the men interviewed, “women are prone to cheating and when they do, it’s usually for good reasons”. He goes ahead to cite absentee husbands, revenge, or unfilled sexual intimacy as some of these reasons.
Samuel seems to have nailed the problem since of all the women interviewed who confessed to cheating on their spouses, their individual reasons fell in either of the above categories.
So based on those facts this correspondent is of the opinion that a woman will not cheat if her man doesn’t give her reasons to, and if she cheats, she will only get caught if she wants to.
Mike, another interviewee, says that cheating for revenge is the worst thing a woman can ever do to her man, since she will do it with the people you least expect in order to hurt your most treasured aspect; your ego. Adding that he has been a victim of the same, after his ex girlfriend slept with his friend 8 months down the line, just to get back at him after she found out that he had cheated on her with his colleague.

“Women are, naturally, schemers and they might not act immediately, they might take time before unleashing their plans, but the outcome of their works is normally worth the wait.” He says.

Psychologists believe that unlike men who can be driven to cheating just by physical attraction, women have to connect emotionally with a man before indulging in sex. So this could basically mean that, once a woman cheats with another man, chances of the affair coming to an end are slim, if she finds what she is seeking in the other man (mpango wa kando) as locally used to refer to the other man/woman.

While the rule of the game for men is; DENY! DENY! DENY! If caught cheating, for women it’s as simple as MAKING SURE YOU ARE NEVER CAUGHT. It’s as simple as not leaving any provision for getting caught. Men have gotten away with cheating on numerous occasions since traditionally, they have been perceived to be naturally polygamous, hence it’s not news when a man cheats, unlike for women whereas a woman who cheats on her husband is branded as promiscuous and called all sorts names. Women who cheat and are caught hardly ever get away with it, unlike men, and maybe this is one of the reasons that they make sure they go to extra lengths not to get get caught.

Well, if the common saying that what you give a woman she multiplies is anything to go by, Kenyan women seem to have mastered and perfected the art of cheating and are giving men, a run for their money.


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