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March 26, 2020


Social distancing is now our new way of life until such a time we will conquer this virus, Uhuru stated.

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Kenyans React to Dusk to Dawn Curfew

Kenyans React to Dusk to Dawn Curfew

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday announced a dusk to dawn curfew that will take effect on Friday 27th, in the latest measures taken by the government to control the movement of people and fight the spread of COVID-19.

According to the directive, no one other than those providing essential services, will be allowed outside from 7pm-5am. A Circular outlining the essential services that will be excluded from the curfew has since been issued.
The President also announced that one patient had recovered from COVID-19 and the number of coronavirus cases had rose to 28 after three more people tested positive.
“Social distancing is now our new way of life until such a time we will conquer this virus,” Uhuru stated.
Kenyans took to social media to express mixed reactions on the dusk to dawn curfew.
Kibet Benard : Kenyans we shall overcome I FULLY Support President Uhuru Kenyatta Directive for both economy and health parliament should move faster.The curfew will help eliminate this virus and after this,our Economy should pick up well.we are well Kenya let us be discipline #CurfewinKenya
Faith KE#EnforceTheBan On #CurfewinKenya most innocent kenyans are going to suffer. Police officers can even arrest you inside your house and claim you were outside loitering in the streets then demand a bribe. If you declined to do as per their demands…..Stay safe,we shall overcome.

Victor Mochere : according to President Uhuru Kenyatta, coronavirus only spreads at night. Who bewitched Kenyans?

Titledhk :The Problem with Africans is that, if they say nobody should go out, some people will go out just to see if anybody has gone out #CurfewinKenya #COVID19KE 
Tonny ™ : Lets think deep on this directive on #CurfewinKenya. how sensible is it? 95% kenyans work and interact btn 7am to 6pm. this is where the problem is and unless this issue is fully addressed,we are still beating around the bush .Lets face the facts. we need a #LockDownKenya

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