February 6, 2020


Nairobi Women’s Hospital Blacklisted by Jubilee, Britam, AAR, Old Mutual, and CIC Group Insurance Companies Over Inflated Bills and “unwarranted” medical procedures.



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Nairobi Women’s Hospital Blacklisted Over Inflated Bills

Nairobi Women’s Hospital Blacklisted Over Inflated Bills

Local medical  Insurance companies have suspended the Nairobi Women’s Hospital following a public outcry over “inflated bills and “unwarranted” medical procedures.

Jubilee, Britam, AAR, Old Mutual, and CIC Group said they would no longer reimburse both inpatient and outpatient claims in any of the hospital branches.

According to a statement from the Association of Kenya Insurance, the suspension will remain in force pending a review of the quality and cost of the hospital’s services.

“This decision was arrived at after a meeting of medical insurance companies’ CEOs noted that there are several administrative issues concerning the hospital which disadvantage the insured customers. This is contrary to the interest of medical insurers which is to ensure that customers get the best services at competitive rates,” AKI says.  

The insurance firms have also issued individual statements announcing the removal of Nairobi Women’s Hospital of their list of accredited service providers.

“Due to administrative concerns, we wish to notify you that Britam has suspended credit services at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital. We request you to seek services from alternative hospitals in our provider panel,” Britam Insurance said in a statement.

Nairobi Women’s Hospital has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently following leaked WhatsApp conversation showing how the hospital bosses set daily targets for the number of patients that should be admitted to the facility and has been trending on social media since then as victims share their experiences.


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