June 14, 2021


A fact that everyone who has been to Kikao64 either physically or virtually concurs with; is the amazing ambiance and serenity in the Kikao64 atmosphere.

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Tell Me About Kikao 64 Co-Working Space

Tell Me About Kikao 64 Co-Working Space

Technology has brought about quite a number of disruptions in today’s society, ranging from healthcare, media and education sectors and the marketplace has not been spared either.

Co-Working Spaces

The changing dynamics in the marketplace, largely driven by technology, creativity and design thinking have seen the rise in popularity of co-working spaces/ shared offices and Nairobi has been home to a couple of co-working enterprises but other smaller cities and counties, have not had the opportunity to enjoy this amazing budding concept that is getting a foothold in developing nations.

So when I got wind of news that Kikao64, a creative co-working space, has launched in Eldoret I was happy, not for me, because I’m a Nairobian but for the dozens of young professionals in the town of Eldoret and its environs.

What’s in a Co-Working Space?

The thing with a co-working space is that it essentially provides shared workspaces that are affordable and also access to a pool of professionals from different sectors for networking and information sharing. Kikao64 provides these and much more facilities like private phone booths, an in-house library, meeting rooms and an outdoor patio.

Occupants of co-working spaces are mostly, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small teams who want to take advantage of a flexible space. With the disruptions of the traditional workplace by COVID-19, there has been seen a surge in remote work which has also seen co-working spaces appeal to ordinary employees who have the room to work from home but need a change of air from a home office with an inspiring space, with better internet connectivity, grow their networks and collaborate with peer coworking colleagues.

My experience at Kikao 64!!

The atmosphere at Kikao64 is nothing short of mind-blowing! The first place I set foot when I walked into the premises was ironically the washrooms and I recall marveling at the creative design that weaved in a touch of sophistication with just ordinary raw materials.

Then I set foot in the main establishment and the first thing I came across upon entry is the open café area, which is actually the focal point of Kikao64. The smell of fresh coffee in the air was quite exhilarating and better still seeing an eye-catching bookshelf floating just below the cafeteria counter already had me sold, before I got a tour of the entire premises and for a moment I saw Eldoret in a whole new light.

A fact that everyone who has been to Kikao64 either physically or virtually concurs with; is the amazing ambiance and serenity in the Kikao64 atmosphere.

I saw a gentleman, who I later came to learn was a doctor at the Moi Referral Hospital in deep focus reading a book, and as I would also find out, he actually just comes to Kikao64 just to read.

“I love the ambiance, the friendly staff and the fact that I can still borrow a book from their collection,” he said.


Better still, Kikao64 provides a variety of wellness activities including yoga and Taekwondo, which especially in these stressful pandemic times are crucial in enhancing mental health by emphasizing the importance of wellness in the workplace.

If you’re in Eldoret and looking to get a feel of the culture of a coworking space either to escape the isolation of a home office and be part of a vibrant community of professionals, Kikao64 is the place for you.

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