April 2, 2014


Terror attack alert! Avoid Nairobi city mall! Also avoid public spaces in Karen area as unconfirmed reports suggest attack imminent.

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Terror attack alert! Avoid Nairobi city mall!

Terror attack alert! Avoid Nairobi city mall!

The Kenya Forum has received this terror attack alert from what we regard as a reliable source. Message reads:

‘This is serious… avoid Nakumatt city mall. We have information it may be hit anytime, share with friends and family… Latest investigations show reports of a possible terrorist attack around Nairobi’s posh suburb of Karen. Two bomb shells and a few hand grenades were retrieved from an SUV minivan early today morning by the police who were at bay at the Bomas Highway junction. The Nairobi Police Commissioner is reported to have later stated that the minivan could have been a decoy from an attack at the suburb, possibly targeting crowded areas such as malls. Citizens are urged to be on watch today and throughout the week, on most supermarkets or malls, and if possible to keep away from them’


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