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KDF denies that Al-Shabaab have taken Kulbiyow base

KDF denies that Al-Shabaab have taken Kulbiyow base

The Kenya military spokesman has denied claims by Al-Shabaab that it took over a KDF base in Kulbiyow, Somalia.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Njuguna has in a press statement said that KDF repulsed the terrorists, who had tried accessing the camp using a suicide vehicle-borne improvised devise

“Today 27, January 2017, at around 0500hrs, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers operating under AMISOM, in the general area of Kolbiyow, lower juba, fiercely engaged an Al-Shabaab group which had attempted to attack the camp,” LT Colonel Paul Njuguna said in the statement.

Currently, an intensive pacification operation is underway reinforced by our air and land forces,” he said.

The militia had earlier today claimed to have taken over the KDF base in Kulbiyow, in a similar attack to the El Adde; by use of a car bomb commandeered by two suicide bombers to enter the camp before opening fire.



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