May 24, 2018


The concept has been borrowed from the World Car free day

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City Hall Proposes Car-Free Days in CBD

City Hall Proposes Car-Free Days in CBD

The Nairobi county government has proposed a car-free days initiative in the Central Business District (CBD) that will see motorists kept off the City Center for two days in a week in an effort to ease congestion.

According to the County Executive Committee Roads, Transport and Infrastructure, Mohammed Dagane, the car-free days; Wednesday and Sunday, will also serve to encourage private car owners to use public transport.

“Most vehicles that have been filling up the city can be left at home and their owners will have the option of using public means of transport especially now with the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) initiative, which is being rolled out soon,” he said.


A car-free day is a method that has been adopted by various countries in an effort to curb congestion and curb air  pollution from motor vehicle emissions.

The concept has been borrowed from the World Car free day celebrated in September 22 where motorists are encouraged to get around without driving for a day and instead catch a train, a bus, ride a bicycle or walk.

It entails motorists being restricted from using their cars to access the city center by closing major roads.

Rwanda introduced a car-free day in 2016, which is schedule on the 1st Sunday of every month and it has worked out seamlessly.

Last month London mayor, Mayor Sadiq Khan announced plans to introduce more car-free days in London in a bid to reduce pollution.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo banned cars from 40 square miles of the centre of the French capital for one day in 2015 in a move that saw  emissions fall by 40 per cent.

Other countries that have adopted the car-free days include; Indonesia, India, Spain, Mexico.


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