January 4, 2017


Nairobi commuters stranded after Christmas holidays. Kenya’s travel network could not cope with the mass movement of people.

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Nairobi commuters stranded after Christmas holidays

Nairobi commuters stranded after Christmas holidays

After the Christmas and New Year festivities, hundreds of travelers from various corners of the country were left stranded in an effort to travel back to the city.

Public transport buses were over booked and there were few matatus to cope with the increased number of commuters. The fact that schools were also opening today did not make things any easier.

Shuttle services; North Rift had a lot of travellers stranded and  waiting in Kitale for vehicles to board with not much hope as most of them were on transit to Nairobi and various other destinations in the country.

Mercy who was in Bungoma  for the holidays says she went to get a bus ticket at  Easy Coach bus services on 28th December, with the intention of travelling on 2nd  but to her surprise the buses were fully booked and she was told the earliest she could get was 6th morning.

Lack of transport was not the only worry the travellers had to deal with, because the bus fares had hit the roof with travellers complaining of exploitation while transport providers aimed at cashing in on the crisis.

“My house help was to report back to work on Monday but called to say that the fare had doubled and what she had was not enough, so we decided that she waits till the weekend when the situation has eased” Faith from Nairobi says.


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