May 30, 2013


The European Union’s election observer has stated that there was no fraud in the Kenyan presidential election. They do find tallying errors.

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EU Election Observer: no election fraud in Kenya election

EU Election Observer: no election fraud in Kenya election

The European Union’s Election Observer Mission to Kenya’s General Elections 2013 Report has been published and concluded that there were ‘tallying errors rather than fraud’ (see full report here).

The EU report does highlight shortcomings in the electoral process including late amendments to the Elections Act, a failure in the application of technology and a breakdown in the transmission of polling station results but the report does not point to any errors or flaws that would have changed the result.


The EU Observer Election Mission report concludes:

‘The processing of official results lacked the necessary transparency. Party agents and election observers were not given adequate access to the tallying processes in the constituency, county and national tallying centres.

EU EOM observers noted widespread minor discrepancies in tallies and between numbers of votes cast for presidential and other electoral races, however the differences were almost all less than 1%. This figure tends to imply tallying errors rather than fraud.’

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