May 22, 2018


Some governors, including Mike Sonko have already complained

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Governors VIP Security Detail Scaled Down

Governors VIP Security Detail Scaled Down

Governors have had their security detail scaled down to five police officers, following a directive by interior CS Fred Matiang’i that seeks to reduce the high number of officers deployed for VIP protection in the country.

“We have to rationalise the way we deploy our police resources in the country. There is no County Government official anywhere in this country that needs 26 security officers to guard you. We cannot move a police station to your office,” Matiang,i , who was speaking during the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) end -term report handover ceremony.

Some governors, including Mike Sonko have already complained that their bodyguards have been withdrawn.


The outgoing IPOA chairman, Macharia Njeru had in a previous interview with the Kenya Forumcalled for a reassessment of The deployment strategy of VIP security as a matter of urgency.

“The current mode of operation has seen almost 10,000 police officers Deployed to non-core work, which leaves the public exposed. The deployment strategy should also be done based on risk assessment and not to merely satisfy ego trips of politicians,” Mr Njeru said.

Some governors are said to have had  as much as 26 police officers in their security detail.

A memo sent to County Commanders from from Police headquarters last week  instructed them  confirm the number of officers attached to the governors  as escort and bodyguards.

“As a matter of urgency, please confirm the number of officers within your divisional area who are currently attached as escort or bodyguard of governors. Please treat this as urgent,” the memo said.

Matiang’I has promised that the number of police officers attached to VIP protection will be scaled down by half in the next two months.


Matiang’i has also announced to private security firms that the government will withdraw armed police from the Cash In Transit (CIT) business from July.


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