April 21, 2017


Where are politicians getting Kenyans numbers from? Canvassing politicians somehow have Kenyans personal phone numbers.

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Where are politicians getting Kenyans numbers from?

Where are politicians getting Kenyans numbers from?

I don’t know who else has experienced this. Where are these politicians getting our phone numbers and places of residence? Would I be going overboard thinking NSIS is colluding with them to give information? Or maybe service providers selling or giving out their client’s information to these politicians?

“Can someone kindly shade light to how such information is obtained”, one Stephen Nderitu ranted on the popular Facebook group Buyer Beware.

Nderitu was reacting to a message (SMS) send to him by a parliamentary aspirant from his constituency, urging him to vote for him in the upcoming jubilee party nominations.

Soon after his post dozens of members in the group went ahead to express their frustrations over similar text messages sent to them by aspirants in their respective constituencies with all them asking one question; “just where are these people getting our contacts and how on earth do they know where we live”?

Majority of the views blame the intrusion on the Mpesa transactions entry books where customers leave their personal details like phone and ID numbers while others point at the IEBC voter register since the sender’s of the text seem to know which constituency one actually registered.

Well, even before this Kenya Forum writer could finish writing this article, she received a similar SMS and worth noting is that unlike with short code SMS services, which are mostly used by businesses to communicate to their clients where people have the option of unsubscribing from getting unwanted texts, these campaign SMS are being sent from normal mobile numbers.


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