November 13, 2014


Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has been accused of misusing funds. He has been summoned by the senate and could lose his job.

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Kiambu Governor Kabogo accused of misusing funds, summoned by Senate

Kiambu Governor Kabogo accused of misusing funds, summoned by Senate

William Kabogo, Governor of Kiambu

Kiambu governor, William Kabogo has been asked to honour a summons from the senate and respond to the allegations raised against him regarding misuse of county funds. If he fails to do so, he risks being kicked out of office.

According to Kiambu senator, Kimani Wamatangi, Kabogo has been defiant in honouring the summons but he has no choice but to comply.

“He has no option if he really wants to remain as the governor of Kiambu. When you are given money to utilize you must be accountable,” said Wamatangi adding that the governor risked being arrested if he continued defying the sermons.

“If a governor continues to be defiant, the summons turn to a warrant of arrest, which can actually be executed and he can be arrested and arraigned before the senate, he said.

Kabogo had earlier stated that he will not appear before the senate committee since he is not answerable to the senate and instead opted to send his deputy and executive member for finance to represent him in the meeting. Wamatangi however maintained that the summons could not be delegated.

“I will not go to the Senate. If I have committed a crime, let them report to the police so that I can be apprehended like any other criminal. I was not employed by the Senate but by the people of Kiambu, who I am working for day and night. In 2017, I will come before these people and tell them about the work I have done in my first term as governor, and I know they will elect me again” said Mr Kabogo.

The Senate set up the Public Accounts and Investment Committee to monitor use of funds by governors in an effort to reinforce its oversight role over the counties.

Governors have however fought the move since its inception on grounds that they cannot be forced to be accountable to the senate.

In August this year, The Council of Governors moved to court to stop four members from appearing before the Senate to answer audit queries, terming it as an abuse of powers bt the senate.

Governors Isaac Ruto (Bomet), William Kabogo (Kiambu), Mwangi wa Iria (Muranga) and Jack Ranguma (Kisumu) were required to appear before the Sessional Committee on County Public Accounts Investments.


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