October 31, 2014


Lang’at accused of being govt. mole and ejected from CORD meeting. The chaos that ensued has promoted feelings of distrust for leadership.

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Lang’at accused of being govt. mole and ejected from CORD meeting

Lang’at accused of being govt. mole and ejected from CORD meeting

ODM Executive Director, Magerer Lang’at, was yesterday roughed up and ejected from the Orange House in Kilimani, Nairobi, during a CORD Parliamentary Group meeting that was chaired by party leader Raila Odinga.

Lang’at, who is accused of being a Jubilee mole, allegedly made statements that upset CORD’s Members of County Assembly (MCAs) as the officials continue to differ over the use of political party funds and a push by youthful MPs for a stake in the ODM leadership.

Two men and a woman, who are said to be MCAs in Nairobi, walked to the high table where Mr Lang’at was sitting and pulled him out with kicks and blows before more people joined in the assault. Luckily, police who were on patrol in the area intervened and whisked him away to safety. The irate crowd also deflated tyres of Lang’at’s Toyota Prado.

ODM majority leader Elias Otieno, who allegedly led the group that attacked Mr Lang’at, asked why Lang’at had attended the meeting yet he no longer shared ODM’s interests.

“He said ODM is dead and that the party leader should resign; why then did he attend a meeting of a dead party?” said Elias Otieno.

Mr Lang’at is said to be supporting a section of ODM members who are pushing for a new breed of young leaders in the party. He is also said to be advocating for the use of the Sh87.4 million from the political parties fund to strengthen the party by recruiting more members.

Those on the opposing side however want the money used in the Okoa Kenya referendum campaigns.

Party leader Raila watched helplessly and was heard ordering one of his bodyguards to intervene before the rowdy crowd could kill Lang’at.

ODM Secretary-General Anyang’ Nyong’o, condemned the assault and blamed it on hooligans. He said that the party’s National Executive Council (NEC) would meet next Tuesday to discuss what actions to take against the “hooligans”.

“We have under the chairmanship of our party leader condemned the happening thoroughly and denounce it,” he said

More than twenty MPs from both CORD and Jubilee have condemned the attack on Magerer during a press conference at Parliament building.

“Although we’ve always known ODM party to be a violent outfit, it was a total surprise that such violence could be directed against its own party executive in full view of its party’s top officials.” Jackson Kipkoror, MP Kipkelion West.


The incident sparked the memories of the “Men in Black” who raided Kasarani Stadium in April this year and disrupted the much awaited ODM party elections.

Kenyans have been irked by the latest incident which continues to paint the opposition in bad light and a woman who was hawking her wares around Nairobi’s Odeon area early this morning couldn’t have put it any better; “kama hii ndio tabia, hivyo ndio wanatarajia kutuongonza?” If these guys cannot get their house in order, how do they expect us to trust them with leadership?


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